Rescuing Henry, Still Looking


Every Saturday I have been going to the local puppy rescue event, looking for my next puppy, Henry.


I can’t explain what I am looking for.  Three of my boys had life long medical conditions that were discovered after they were older.  My husband used to say that I adopted dogs that needed me.

Roscoe and Monty

Patience is a virtue!


Rescuing Henry


Still looking at rescue puppies for my next puppy Henry.

The puppies this week were older and broke my heart that they were homeless.  I need to keep strong and find the right fit for Roscoe and Monty.


All of the foster homes are wonderful.  One of the foster mothers has a reputation for delivering well behaved and calm dogs.  This was one of the puppies she fostered and he was so well behaved!

Roscoe and Monty

We know Mom will bring home the perfect brother for us so we are waiting patiently.

Rescuing Henry


Still looking at rescue puppies, my next puppy will be named Henry.

So many cute puppies needing forever homes.


They all tuckered out pretty fast, so young and overwhelmed by too much attention.



Some people liked the skinny ones with long legs and short fur.

img_2976I came back to this puppy several times.  A real people puppy who loved to cuddle.


He really bonded with this woman and she with him! He was happy to cuddle and lick her chin.  She could hardly let go of him long enough for her roommate to cuddle him.

He was definitely a German Shepherd mix and she asked me many questions about the three German Shepherds I have had.  I was honest and told her they are smart, need jobs and attention, lots of training, will get huge, etc.  The more we talked the more I knew she was up to the challenge and intrigued.

They were perfect for each other!

My Henry is still waiting for me to find him🙂

Rescuing Henry #3


The search for Henry is on.  I am doing this backwards and have picked the name for a male dog before finding the dog.

A noble name that brings to my mind a fair and stable character.

Been looking at rescue puppies.  This one was sweet and almost had me.  His sign said Chihuahua/Shepherd mix and I got confused…..  He was very small and I couldn’t wrap my brain around what he might look like as an adult.


This one was a Schnauzer mix. He was extremely wild  and I know nothing about Schnauzers.

Neither was quite the Henry I was looking for.