Never to late to donate!

Your blood bank especially appreciates your donations during the holidays!  I hit 101 donations yesterday!


Denver woman who needed more than 30 gallons of blood meets the donors who saved her life

DENVER, CO - AUGUST 18: Joyce Gottesfeld, MD, center, hugs Cassidy Smith during a Bonfils Blood Center banquet at Seawell Ballroom in Denver Performing Arts Complex, August 18, 2016. Gottesfeld delivered Cassidy's daughter, at DenverÕs St. Joseph Hospital in 2012, and help save her life. (Photo by RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post)
DENVER, CO – AUGUST 18: Joyce Gottesfeld, MD, center, hugs Cassidy Smith during a Bonfils Blood Center banquet at Seawell Ballroom in Denver Performing Arts Complex, August 18, 2016. Gottesfeld delivered Cassidy’s daughter, at Denver’s St. Joseph Hospital in 2012, and helped save her life. (Photo by RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post)

My first blood donation was a trip to a Bonfils Blood Center with my Dad and I never looked back.  Donating platelets and blood regularly for 40 years made me a pro and the staff at my center always warmly recognized me and knew little bits about my life.

This heart warming story is about a woman who received over 270 units of whole blood and blood products collected from more than 300 people.  A celebration was arranged so she could meet some of those wonderful donor.   Read her story here.

I was recently contacted by Bonfils who needed a donation of blood, I am somewhat rare at A+.  With a heavy heart I told them about my breast cancer diagnosis and that I would not be able to donate.  They asked me to keep in touch.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, please consider donating blood or platelets to help those battling breast cancer.

I hope I am able to become cancer free long enough to donate again before I reach the age limit!


Today’s Muse Erica


Muse: A source of inspiration and a guiding spirit.

Today’s muse is Erica.   She was my donor technician today for my blood donation.

A cheerful and bubbly young woman. We got to talking about her art work.  Such a positive spirit practicing and selling her art, sketching, drawing, painting, knitting and crocheting, to name a few!

She was so positive that I overcame my fear of  showing my practice sketches to anyone but my fellow bloggers.  I showed her my mini sketchbook that I carry with me all the time.

She was truly was excited for me as she noted the progress of my earlier sketches to my more recent sketches. We talked about the need to continue practicing. She told me not to take any art classes yet but to let my natural abilities develop a bit more.

Erica gave me a many ideas on ways to branch out in my sketching.

Not only that but the stick sshe gave me at the beginning of my donation was not even felt!  A gentle soul!

My hero and today’s Muse, Erica.




Mystery Selfie and Donating Blood at the Lafayette Peach Festival

imageI received this selfie  last night and I have no clue who these people are.  I don’t know any of the people that were copied on it.

They look so happy I decided they needed a story.

Meet Andrea Anderson, Andrea Breeze, and Josh Banter.

They’ve known each other since first grade. They grew up in the small town of Lafayette Colorado, a suburb of Denver.   There was only one elementary school and their class was so small they went to first through six grade with the same kids each year.   The teachers always sat their students in alphabetical order, three kids to a long desk.   It was always Andrea, Josh, and Andrea at the first desk.   They became best friends.

The little town of Lafayette where they grew up had its first peach festival in 1999. Andrea, Andrea and Josh have been going to the peach festival every year since then.   It was a place their folks let them go when they were kids without supervision.

They still pig out on peach smoothies, peach cobbler, peach pie, and the newest addition peach pizza.

There are tons of vendors there and every year Andrea Anderson buys a new ring, Andrea Breeze buys a new necklace,  and Josh gets a barbecue turkey leg.

Even though the temperature this year was in the 90s, Josh was wearing his signature T-shirt and long sleeves.  His secret is that he’s got some tatoos he wishes he could get rid of it. He has one right at the base of his throat and many on each arm so he always wears a T-shirt and a long sleeve shirt.

One other thing they always do? They always donate blood at the mobile blood van.

image Here is the inside of the van waiting for a donation couch.

Well what do you think?  Should I send them a link to this blog post and see who they really are?

March 22, 2015 Blood Donation Drive In Memory of Ron Smelser



Ron Smelser understood the importance of donating blood.  Blood donors saved his life over and over during his struggle with cancer.  His wife Judy is on a mission to help others the way generous strangers helped Ron.

Good luck Judy!  I’ll see you on March 22nd!