Blood Donor Emoji!

There is a campaign for a blood donor emoji!

To petition the Unicode Consortium to create an emoji they need your help, they need 30,000 signatures on their Petition.

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Today’s Muse Bonfils Blood Center

Muse: A source of inspiration and a guiding spirit.


Today’s muse is the Bonfils Blood Center.

When I pulled up to the building and saw all the cars parked in the blood donor spots it made me smile and lifted my spirits.   Donating blood makes you feel pretty good anyway but when you’re surrounded by lots of other people doing the same thing it’s extra special.  I also got this cool cap to wear in the next Colorado snow storm, just for donating blood!

My platelet count has been down and I haven’t donated platelets for a couple of years.  Today I was told my platelet count was in an excellent range and I can once again donote both platelets and whole blood.


I’m eligible to donate platelets next weekend and whole blood again in eight weeks.

Donating whole blood is pretty quick and takes about half an hour start to finish. However donating platelets is a whole nother deal, in takes about two hours.  Bonfils has Internet or tv or a stack of recent movies.  I usually watch a movie as I can always find one I missed in their stack!


My blood is A+ so donating platelets is preferred.   However, I am also missing an antigen in my blood which makes it rare and desireable for transfusions to people missing the same antigen.  I am thrilled to be able to do both whole blood and platelet donations again.

Bonfils Blood Center:  My hero and today’s muse.