Donating Platelets and Plasma


Platelets only last for five days.  The need for donors is high.  Plasma can be collected at the same time as platelets.

These blood components are used to treat accident victims, organ and marrow transplant recipients, cancer and heart surgery patients and those with blood-related diseases like sickle cell anemia.

What can you do while you are hooked up to the machine?  I always watch a movie.  This time I watched Hugh Jackman in The Greatest Showman.  No long lines, no talking audience, no rustling treat bags, no slurping, and no big ticket price.


And best of all a warm blanket!


Donating Platelets and Plasma



Platelets only last for five days.  The need for donors is high.

Today my levels were great.  A double platelet and one unit of plasma donated.


Here us a selfie done by the apheresis machine.  I was able to practice my photo bombing skills by hiding under a blankie!


imageThe movie I watched during my procedure? Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter!


Donate Platelets, A Great Need During Holidays



Received a call from Bonfils Blood Center, they’re looking for donors so they can get people home for the holidays.

I wasn’t able to make it before Christmas but I hope to see you there on Saturday when I have my appointment. They especially need platelets because it’s a bit of a time commitment. Just for your information, they have a huge selection of movies to watch while you are making your donation.

I haven’t paid for movie in a while!