Crystal, a Gift for Happiness


Sandy told her husband on their recent trip to Arizona that she was going to buy me a rock.  I can imagine Tom smiling here. I don’t know if she knew why she was going to buy me a rock…  She returned with this crystal.   She had picked out a different one at first but changed her mind, this one made her happier.

I thought it was either:

CITRINE –  Wards off fear forms that are generated from other’s suggestions, instills confidence in the personal self.


CARNELIAN – To ward off evil thoughts, jealousies, animosities, and psychic attacks toward the individual, inspires bravery and courage.

So I actually went to somebody who deals with crystals today and they told me they thought it was a crystal called Calcite.  It has both green and gold properties.

A green and gold calcite would clean negative energy from any room, promote higher awareness, promote hope with dealing with loss, promote motivation and trust in oneself, promote mental healing and restore balance to the mind.

Oh my gosh, just what I need at this point in my life!

Flashback to hippie days:  Some years ago I was passing by a New Age Shop and stepped in because I was curious.  I was surprised how busy it was and how open, airy and bright.  There were many crystals of different sizes, some made into jewelry.  There were also things I didn’t have a clue about but nothing was alarming or scary…

The salesman noticed me milling around and asked if he could answer any questions.  I asked him if he could show me some crystals that were “good” crystals.  He became serious and said that many things in life could be used for good or for evil.  He only encouraged people to use crystals or anything else for good.  It was too dangerous to have anything around you that could be used for evil.

Since that time I have purchased many different pieces of jewelry and art made from crystals and stones.  But only if they feel good and cheerful.

This gift from Sandy is definitely a happy and good crystal and has a treasured place sitting in the sun in my front room.  Be assured that it was selected after careful deliberation by my friend and is used only for good in meditation and prayer.  (Two of my dogs, Roscoe and Monty, are known to carry and chew stones and this stone has been safe on a ledge in their reach for weeks, they told me it was too happy for them to torment.)

What better good could come from this gift that was chosen so carefully with love and with joy?