Make My Day, Chocolate and Hand Made Rattle, Thank You Mary Lou and Bob!


My friends Mary Lou and Bob recently took me to lunch for my Birthday.

They always remember my chocolate addiction and brought me this huge supply of goodies.  I am saving it for a weekend binge of either reading or watching some “Bones” episodes I have recorded, with red wine of course!

Mary Lou also made me this rattle.  Now that I have had it for awhile I realize I don’t know what makes the rattling noise (hope its something really interesting) and what this particular rattle is used for….

Thank you Mary Lou and Bob for your continued friendship and thoughtful surprises.


Today’s Extreme Dessert


My daughter Haley and I stopped in for a glass of wine at this wonderful winery in Arvada, Colorado.  We tried several different wines passing glasses back and forth 🙂

Silver Vines Winery

imageNot only was the staff extremely friendly, the other patrons were chatty and helpful.  We had a blast.

Brothers Jeff and Daniel Chayer are the owners.  Jeff is the winemaker and Daniel is the general manager.

They know their business and who their customers are:


Who doesn’t love chocolate and red wine?  Put them together and the brothers Chayer have a winner!

Today’s Extreme Dessert?  The Chocolate Delight which was delightfully yummy combining these two favorites, chocolate and Zinfandel.


Check out their wine club, an awesome value, I’m going to be able pick up my wine in person, yay just down the street!

Wine Club

Tahini Hot Chocolate


I bought some tahini paste a while back convinced I was going to learn to make hummus from scratch.  Four months later I found this in my cupboard and almost couldn’t remember what it was!

I realized I was never going to make hummus from scratch so I searched the Internet for other tahini recipes. I found a really complicated one for hot chocolate from scratch that needed 10 ingredients!  I decided that wasn’t for me but it sounded so yummy….



My lightning quick thinking brain cells helped my lazy brain cells devise a way to make tahini hot chocolate without having to go to the work with 10 different ingredients. Tahini is slightly bitter so if you like a dark chocolate flavor it’s perfect, if not just use less tahini.  It creates a very rich and yummy drink.


Perfect for the snowstorm we just got here in Colorado and to fortify me for some shoveling!