Skyline Chili Oyster Crackers?

My brother lives in Skyline Chile country and got me hooked on the stuff.  Thankfully he keeps me well supplied with regular deliveries.

Okay.  Skyline Chili Oyster Crackers are not your regular saltines.  I tell you there is something about them!   So I’m having some homemade beef and barley soup tonight and I open up my latest shipment of Skyline Chili Crackers and somethings not right…

I think I am paranoid!

I think these crackers are crisper and browner and just not the same!

I google it and my paranoia is confirmed!

Skyline Chili has a new oyster cracker baker.  (Say that three times as fast as you can!)

Read about it here.

I google more and find this!

Yikes, is nothing sacred?



Skyline Chili Contest Missed!


In September last year there was a contest for free Skyline Chile for one year.  Was I told about this? No!  Here is the proof of the contest: Link to contest !

I confess I have an addiction for Skyline Chili, thanks to my brother who lives right in the neighborhood and can eat the stuff whenever he wants!  Here is the three way, to die for, but my brother eats salads!

Granted my brother keeps me stocked up with regular  shipments of Skyline Chili, and he is a healthy eater and Skyline Chili may not be on his diet and oh my gosh I making excuses for my brother!

Anyway I missed out on my chance to win a free year’s supply of Skyline Chili (never mind that I never win anyway when I enter these contests).

Double granted my brother would’ve had to eat a lot of Skyline Chili to win me a years free supply.   Family sacrifice right?

What! Don’t know what Skyline Chili is?  A truly regional delicacy.

2-way – layer of spaghetti noodles topped with Skyline Chili.

3-way – layer of spaghetti noodles, Skyline Chili topped with cheddar cheese.

4-way – layer of noodles, Skyline Chili, cheese and chopped raw onions.

5-way – layer of noodles, Skyline Chili, cheese, red beans and onions.

The Colorado girl’s version of a yummy Skyline Chili experience?

Skyline Chili Frito pie. See you later off to the store for Fritos!

( I also can’t resist a smothered Skyline Chili hot dog with random toppings.)


Skyline Chili Replenished

Received a box in the mail from my “little brother” Sam.  (Yay he reads my blog!). He lives right outside of Cincinnati and is responsible for my Skyline Chili addiction.


I’ve gotten some Coloradans asking me “What in the heck is Skyline Chili?”  Skyline Chili is to Cincinnati like McDonald’s is to anywhere else.  In Cincinnati on one side of the street you will have a Skyline Chili joint and on the other side of the street you will have a White Castle Burger joint.


I had forgotten about the special plates for your three-way, four-way or five-way  making it easy to dig into without losing too much off the sides!

Another Cincinnati favorite is Montgomery Inn.  The barbecue there is awesome, it might be the secret recipe or the humidity we just don’t have here in Denver messing with your taste buds.


This restaurant was opened in 1951 and the famous barbecue sauce recipe is over 60 years old!

In 1949 Nicholas Lambrinides introduced Cincinnati to Skyline Chili bringing his family recipes from Greece.


My brother has sent me care packages from Cincinnati before and they always have these oyster crackers, I don’t know where they go because as far as I  can recall they’re not served with any of the “ways”………  Skyline Chili police help with this mystery please!

The best part of this box is when I make these dishes it’ll bring back the memory of visiting my brother in Cincinnati and just hanging out with family.  XOXO thank you Sam!