Knitting and Crocheting for the Homeless, True Confession


Our knitting and crocheting for the homeless and other charities group was meeting this last weekend.  Noel had brought yummy food and I was having a big plate of it.  I believe it was Terry who asked, “Paula are you going to knit anything?”

The room went silent.  You could hear a knitting needle drop (tee-hee).  I responded, “Well I don’t want to rush into anything, isn’t this only our second meetup?”  Someone else chipped in, “Um, no this is our third session….”  (Unsaid by entire group: “And you haven’t started on anything yet.”)

Some sweet lady piped up “She has been taking pictures for us…..”

Okay, I admit it.  The perfect tension control exhibited by the kids is a bit intimidating.  I haven’t knit or crochet forever and those adorable young people are intimidating me with their perfect tension and perfect looking projects.

I did pick out these two beautiful skeins of yarn to start with.  I talked to Nancy, one of our fearless leaders, about what I should start with and we decided simple 8″ squares that can later be sewn into prayer blankets.  That way, until I get my tension control um controlled, I can just measure until I have 8″.  Brilliant!

Now I will just let these two skeins of yarn season a bit…….. 🙂