Argentine Tango


Romantic Argentine Tango.

The gentleman does not speak to the lady but catches her eyes from across the room.

With the lifting of his eyebrows and a nod towards the dance floor he asks her if she cares to dance.

With a confident smile and a graceful nod of her head she indicates yes.


They dance the close embrace.

Heart to heart.



Kelly and Alex Practicing Father-Daughter Dance for her Wedding

I took this video of my husband Kelly and his daughter Alex practicing their father-daughter wedding dance over 2 years ago.  I haven’t had the heart to view this video since I took it.

Alex is visiting Denver for the week and staying with me.  We are reconnecting and I am reminded that it is okay for us to share this video and share our loss of Kelly together.

Together we can be reminded of Kelly’s great energy.  His belief that living each day fully and not worrying about the future was one of the keys to happiness.

25th Annual Friendship Powwow & American Indian Cultural Celebration

imageSunday, September 7 at the Denver Art Museum


Amazing traditional dress and dance.


High energy movements captivate imagination.

These people were very patriotic and proud to serve their country. A very warm, welcoming and friendly event. Must learn more about the different tribes and cultures.