African Wild Dog Puppies

These adorable puppies were born at the Denver Zoo November 20, 2017.

Three male puppies, Nigel, Theodore Roosevelt and Livingstone, and one female puppy, Cholula.

They are also known as the African Painted Dog because of their gorgeous yellow splotches of color.  Unfortunately they are one of the world’s most endangered mammals so the Denver Zoo was excited to have these four pups born to their loving mom Tilly.

Their natural enemy in the wild is the fierce lion who will kill as many as possible to reduce their population as the wild dog is one of their greatest competitors.

Their quick pace of up to 60 kilometers an hour takes them into many dangerous situations.  Clashing with other wildlife and humans who see them as pests.  They have no ability to fight the diseases they catch from domestic dogs.

These dogs are very social, much like the humans who are eradicating them by stealing their health and their habitat.  These wild dogs are loyal to their packs, they share food with and take care of the other pack members.

Ever notice your own doggies hanging out together.  Just being good pack members!

Rommy, Roscoe and Monty


Henry, Roscoe and Monty