The Denver Voice



The Denver Voice is a local nonprofit newspaper providing a unique source of income for Denver’s homeless and unemployed.

Venders purchase newspapers for fifty cents and sell them for $2 or whatever you wish to pay.  Venders keep the difference.  This is not a charity.  Venders must purchase the papers they sell.   They are not panhandlers.  You are purchasing a newspaper filled with information about Denver and stories from around the country and around the world.

Venders work hard and are trying back on their feet.  They have earned the respect and friendship of their regular customers.

This months issue was especially fun as the center pages were wrapping papers designed by a variety of Denverites.



Seedstock Brewing Company, Denver, Colorado


Colorado is blessed with an abundance of breweries.  I especially like the smaller ones.

Where the owners cater to their unique clientele.

Chile cook offs, Geeks Who Drink Tuesdays and rotating food trucks.  Children and dogs welcome (both must be well behaved).


Had to try both the Bohemians.  The awesome Ale, pleasantly a little hoppy.  The Dunkel dark, malty, yummy smooth.

Seedstock is another of these jewels.  So small you can watch the owner work his craft.

img_3121Gotta get back there for the Pumpkin Wheat before it’s gone!

Extreme Dessert, Prohibition Treats’ Liq-Creme Alcohol Infused Ice-Cream, This Weekend’s Tasting


Extreme Dessert?  Ice cream infused with alcohol.

Current seasonal favorite? Pumpkin cheesecake.  Sensuous creamy yumminess infused with Bourbon, cream cheese, pumpkin and graham crackers!

This weekend’s tasting location?  Big Liquor Warehouse in Aurora, Colorado on Saturday 11/19/2016 from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Address: 100 S Abilene St., Aurora, Colorado


Brian Fashaw, our ingenious creator, who personally makes each signature blend to insure a unique taste experience.


An amazing taste that won’t disappoint!

Molly Brown House Victorian Horrors


For my birthday my friend Judy surprised me with an adventure to the Molly Brown House.  It’s great being an almost Halloween baby.

This year’s spooky entertainment: Gaston Leroux’s The Phantom of the Opera; H.G. Wells’ The Invisible Man; Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper; Sarah Orne Jewitt’s Lady Ferry; and Edgar Allen Poe’s The Cask of Amontillado.


I wish I could have taken pictures of the actors and decorations but no pictures allowed.

The three story house is over 100 years old and many people have lived there. Margaret Brown (who became known as the “Unsinkable Molly Brown,” after surviving the sinking of the Titanic in 1912) would rent her house to wealthy families when she was out of town and she also had boarders during the lean times.  After her death the house was briefly a gentlemen’s boarding house and a home for wayward girls.

Walking through this home filled with thousands of vintage treasures you are able to lose yourself in the Victorian love of macabre and celebration of the chilling stories told this night.  The floorboards creaked during the readings and narrow steep stairways threatened to pull you down.  Faded wallpaper caress shoulders and banisters touched by hundreds now gone send shivers to your core.

I was able to take this picture of my favorite ghoul Emma.  She silently slinked around the edges of the group keeping us all herded together.


But not all was grisly as the ghosts of the Molly Brown house only laughed at our foolishness on holding our breaths during the story telling.  The real ghosts of the Molly Brown house are former inhabitants that love the house and don’t want to leave.  They made the experience pleasantly spooky but did nothing to truly terrorize us!

I felt a warm connection with Margaret Brown and was an amazed to discover the source of that connection is that she helped found the Denver Dumb Friends League and thus my search for my next rescue puppy, Henry!

Today’s Extreme Dessert, Prohibition Treats’ Liq-Creme Alcohol Infused Ice-Cream

img_0633 img_0638

Today’s Extreme Dessert?  Ice cream infused with alcohol.

My current favorites?  Chocolate Raspberry and Caramel Apple.

The Caramel Apple cannot be described in writing, you have to taste it! Puréed apples give this ice cream a once in a lifetime flavor.


Meet Brian Fashaw, our ingenious creator.

Personally making each signature blend to insure a taste that will amaze.  Rotating flavors seasonally, what is in the works?  A pumpkin cheesecake any day.


The Total Beverage (Westminster Total Beverage, 9359 Sheridan Blvd., Westminster, CO 80031) is hosting Brian at their free tasting area.  You can try four flavors tomorrow October 15th between 4 and 7 which include the two I brought home plus White Russian and Grasshopper.  Must be 21 years of age to indulge.img_2994 img_2996


I also picked up some great wine.  The box wine was recommended to me by Mary who always remembers exactly what I like.  She thought of this immediately because it is organic and delicious.

Denver woman who needed more than 30 gallons of blood meets the donors who saved her life

DENVER, CO - AUGUST 18: Joyce Gottesfeld, MD, center, hugs Cassidy Smith during a Bonfils Blood Center banquet at Seawell Ballroom in Denver Performing Arts Complex, August 18, 2016. Gottesfeld delivered Cassidy's daughter, at DenverÕs St. Joseph Hospital in 2012, and help save her life. (Photo by RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post)
DENVER, CO – AUGUST 18: Joyce Gottesfeld, MD, center, hugs Cassidy Smith during a Bonfils Blood Center banquet at Seawell Ballroom in Denver Performing Arts Complex, August 18, 2016. Gottesfeld delivered Cassidy’s daughter, at Denver’s St. Joseph Hospital in 2012, and helped save her life. (Photo by RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post)

My first blood donation was a trip to a Bonfils Blood Center with my Dad and I never looked back.  Donating platelets and blood regularly for 40 years made me a pro and the staff at my center always warmly recognized me and knew little bits about my life.

This heart warming story is about a woman who received over 270 units of whole blood and blood products collected from more than 300 people.  A celebration was arranged so she could meet some of those wonderful donor.   Read her story here.

I was recently contacted by Bonfils who needed a donation of blood, I am somewhat rare at A+.  With a heavy heart I told them about my breast cancer diagnosis and that I would not be able to donate.  They asked me to keep in touch.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, please consider donating blood or platelets to help those battling breast cancer.

I hope I am able to become cancer free long enough to donate again before I reach the age limit!


Osaka Ramen



And a beverage to enjoy with our Ramen? Infinite  Monkey Theorem Pear Cider from Denver.  Not too sweet and thoroughly enjoyable.

Yup a great meal and we’ll be back. Bento Boxes!

Kombucha and Beer on Tap!


Kombucha, a lovely fermented beverage touted to have many health benefits. Usually found in glass bottles at your local health food store.  Now you can get this beverage on tap in some establishments.  This is a Happy Leaf cranberry lavender Kombucha on tap at Atomic Cowboy in Denver, Colorado.

If you like Kombucha in the bottle you have to try it on tap.  Atomic Cowboy also has a serious variety of biscuits.  Biscuit sandwiches, example The Cordon Bleu for $10.50, Buttermilk fried chicken, ham, cheddar cheese & honey butter. Biscuit plates, example Biscuit French Toast for $7.95. Comes with syrup & honey butter. Add compote of the day $2.00.

We tried their pizza, yum.  You can order a whole pie or by the slice, either way with your choice of toppings.  An excellent thin crust pizza.

Not into Kombucha?  They have rotating taps and rotating wines, mixed drinks and just about any scotch, bourbon, whisky or other you can think of.

My Friend PJ

PJ, proud member of the Canine Airport Therapy Squad
PJ, proud member of the Canine Airport Therapy Squad

My friend PJ needs your help.  PJ is a certified therapy dog.  She is a volunteer with the Canine Airport Therapy Squad (CATS for short), see here for more information DIA CATS Squad.  She is also a volunteer working with people recovering from strokes and brain injuries.

She recently tore her crutiate ligament and needs surgery to repair this injury to continue her therapy work.

Please check out her Go Fund Me page here PJ Go Fund Me page and if you can help any donation would be appreciated.  $1.00 or $2.00 or any amount you can donate will help PJ continue her volunteer work.

PJ is a rescue dog and this is part of what she does to show her appreciation for being rescued.  She pays back her good fortune at finding her forever home by helping others where she can.  Won’t you help PJ continue her dream?