This Week’s Extreme Dog Treats!

Hi!  Roscoe, Monty and Henry here with a guest blog post.

This weeks extreme dog treats?

Duck and cherry biscuits, dried duck feet, bully stick and dried rabbit ears.

The rabbit ears still have the fur on them!  Mom calls this fiber.

And because of the fall season cranberry turkey wings and pumpkin turkey rolls, yummy.

See you in a week!

Henry, Roscoe and Monty

This Week’s Extreme Dog Treats!

Hi!  Roscoe, Monty and Henry here with a guest blog post and this weeks dog treats.  We call these extreme dog treats.  They are extras on top of our milk-bones!

Tons of dog biscuits made in the USA. Bison with apples and peaches, peanut butter and cranberries, chicken with apple and carrots, salmon with strawberries and potatoes!

Turkey feet freeze dried.

Better Belly fast digesting rawhide trests and no hide Smart Bones stuffed with peanut butter.   These last ones mom watches us like a hawk to make sure we don’t have any problems with chewing them

Mom is looking on line to buy in bulk…..

This Week’s Extreme Dog Treats!

Hi!  Roscoe, Monty and Henry here with a guest blog post.  What’s in the treat bin this week?

Plenty of the old standards but new ones?  Cranberry turkey wings, yak puffs, lamb ears with liver icing.   And our all time favorite honey garlic duck feet!!

Extreme dog treats for extremely cute boy dogs!

This Week’s Extreme Dog Treats!

Hi!  Roscoe, Monty and Henry here with a guest blog post.

Mom found a new store with different treats.  Yay!  We call these extreme dog treats.

We have to wait for a hot day to dig into these!  Bacon and peanut butter, yum, could have been named: “The Elvis Dog Treats”

No hide beef treats, rice bones, whimzees sticks, dental toothbrushes, beef scapulae and natural sheep ears.

WE ARE NOT SPOILED! Mom needs to learn to buy in bulk…..






Little Free Library a.k.a. Book Exchange



Booker here, a guest blogger at sanseilife and a Little Free Library.

Who visits the Little Free Library?

John and his dog Shadow visit every day for 2 dog treats.  Shadow first must sit and then shake hands.

John never even looked at the books.  Just not interested in reading some story.  Today this book caught his eye.


John has always wondered about fly fishing and just retired last year.  John definitely has the reading bug now!



Who knows how many books are sitting on shelves waiting to be read or reread.   This free program allows you to pick a book, keep it for as long as you need to finish reading it, return it and exchange it for a new book.

Or do you have a favorite book you want to share with others?  Just place it in the free reading library!  You may change someone’s life.

This is really a neighborhood book exchange located in the small suburb of Arvada, Colorado at 74th and Wadsworth.  It creates an opportunity for neighbors to share books, including children’s books.

The best part?  Note the dog treats!

Booker out now, hope to see you soon.

Hot Day Dog Treats

imageSimple and quick freezer dog treats.

Hot Day Dog Treats

One small can of high-quality high taste dog food.  Mix with approximately triple quantity plain no sugar yogurt or Greek yogurt.  Fill 3 ounce Dixie bath cups 1/3 to 1/2 full, then fill cups with plain yogurt to top.   Add a mini dog treat on top and put in freezer.    Freezes fast due to small size.

Add ins: spoonful of pumpkin, ground flax seed,  small piece of fresh parsley or mint, small slice of fresh fruit, small piece of cooked liver, sprinkle nutritional yeast on top, other healthy stuff.

My doggies don’t eat the cups.  You may wish to peel the cups off the treat.




Stocking up for our Nephews (and Mom’s bad Math)


Rommy, Roscoe and Monty
Rommy, Roscoe and Monty

Hi, Rommy, Roscoe and Monty here, regular guest bloggers on sanseilife.




Our story? Our sister Haley, her husband Matt, and their three kids Buster, Remmy and Ranger are coming for a visit!

Haley and Matt are humans but thank goodness their kids are canines!

Mom is stocking up with food for us.    She’s going to have to go back to the store again because this is not clearly not enough.

She also has a problem with math.  Two boxes of dog treats at 20 pounds each, do you see the problem here?

Well the canines out there will  be able to figure it out quickly but for you humans we will have to spell it out.

Six doggies divided into 40 pounds of dog treats does not come out to and easily calculated division.

We clearly need 20 more pounds of dog treats!

60 pounds of dog treats divided by six dogs equals 10 pounds of dog treats per dog, a very easily calculated division of treats.

Sigh, poor Mom, she is soooooo mentally challenged.





image Last but not least, Buster (Mom’s favorite nephew we think.)  (Yikes!  Steven and Jeremy we meant doggy nephew, human nephews are a totally different story…..)