Guest blog post Roscoe: “My neighbor Captain”



Hi my name is Roscoe and I am a guest blogger here on sanseilife. My story?

We have a new neighbor.  He is a beagle named Captain.  He has this irresistible baying sound he makes.  I tease him at the fence to hear him bay until his owner comes out to yell at him to stop.


Hi, I’m Captain.

Sometimes when Roscoe and I hear sirens we like join in and alert the whole neighborhood.  I bay and Roscoe howls until both our owners come out and yell at us to stop.


Guest blog post Monty

imageHi my name is Monty and I am a guest blogger here on sanseilife.   My story?  I ate one-half of my Aunt Sandy’s gift to Mom.  A fancy quilted potholder hand made by my Aunt Sandy.


Auntie gave these to Mom for Christmas.  They are cleverly made to hug the bottom of a bowl in the microwave to catch spills.  She gave Mom two.   Mom heated up something that spilled over onto the pot holder in the microwave.

Two good things happened.

1.  The clever potholder (I think Mom and Aunt Sandy should call them bowl holders, but I am just a dog….) caught the spill over and Mom could carry her bowl to the table without making a mess.

2.  When Mom wasn’t looking I stole the bowl holder and I ate it, it was delicious!  A great snack!


I watched Monty eat it, Mom was reading a book, I didn’t say a thing.


I slept through the whole incident, really!

What the heck she still has one left….


Learning to go it alone.


Monty jumped on Roscoe playfully last night but the scream Roscoe let out stopped Monty in his tracks.  Roscoe and I were on our way to the emergency vet immediately.  I instinctively wanted to call my husband who would calm me down on my drive to the clinic.

It was a habit really.  Kelly may have worked out of town a lot but he was always available when I needed him.   I remembered again that I was going to have to do this alone.  One more thing in the string of things that happen every day.  Big and small things, things you share with your spouse.


Cancer stole Kelly from me.  I am mad, I am sad, but mostly I’m alone.

But sometimes I don’t feel so alone, sometimes I feel like somebody is with me and helping me.  Just when I think:  “Oh my gosh I just can’t do this anymore”, something wonderful happens and I can move forward.


A Valentine’s Day Treat for Dogs and Parrots


A healthy no cook treat your pets can share with you!

The ingredients are simple:  peanut butter, canned pumpkin purée, uncooked oats, a dash of cinnamon and a touch of honey.

For Valentine’s Day I add carob powder which is a chocolate substitute safe for your dogs and parrots.  Naturally sweet you may want to leave out the honey if using carob powder.

Note: do NOT use chocolate or cocoa these are both poisonous to your pets!


Start with equal amounts of peanut butter and pumpkin. I used a heaping 1/2 cup of each plus a spoonful of tahini for extra flavor. Tahini can be bitter so if using don’t be too generous with it.  A couple of big spoonfuls of carob powder, a dash of cinnamon and a squirt of honey.  Stir till blended.


Add enough uncooked oats leaving a sticky mixture.  I use regular, not instant.  Stir well.


Make discs or balls for the size of your pet.  You can lay out on waxed paper or here I arranged them in one layer in sandwich containers.  Place in refrigerator for a short while to let them firm up. Keep unused treats refrigerated.  Use within a couple of days. We (and I include myself-these are yummy and healthy) eat these so fast I don’t know if you can freeze them but it might be a yummy cold snack in the summer!


Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your pets!


Make My Day Roscoe Spends The Afternoon With Friends

Thank you Dr. Lindsey and staff of Clear Creek Animal Hospital!


I received a package from my brother.  Thinking to save it for a day closer to Christmas I put it on top of the piano.  It had been up there for several days and I had forgotten about it.

Friday morning I went to work as usual returning home at lunchtime to check on my pets.

Roscoe was lounging on the dog futon with a tin between his paws.  I couldn’t imagine what he had.  He had gotten down the box from my brother (I thought placed high up on the piano and safely out of Doggie reach) opened it, opened the tin inside the box, and leisurely consumed almost the entire contents of that tin consisting of chocolate covered almonds – while I toiled at work. Yum!  At least he had to work a little to get the tin open…

I screamed at him “Chocolate is poison to dogs!”  He looked at me and promptly drooled into the tin.


I immediately called my vet and told them what Roscoe had done.   They heard the concern in my voice and told me to bring him in.  They knew I was worried but needed to get back to work and they offered to keep Roscoe for the afternoon for observation.

I was able to go back to work to earn what I needed to pay the vet bill for having them watch him that afternoon and for any treatment if he should become ill.

Roscoe spent the afternoon hanging out with his friends and digesting his snack.

When I went to pick Roscoe up I was told that he had no ill effects from eating those chocolate covered almonds.   They didn’t need to do anything for him and they didn’t expect any payment for watching him all afternoon!

Dr. Lindsey and her staff have helped me through some really hard times the last couple of years.  She and her staff are wonderful, patient and caring professionals and they have “made my day” numerous times with their kindness and their thoughtful and awesome care of my special companions.

Thank you again Dr. Lindsey and the Clear Creek Animal Hospital staff!



Emily and Jake (formerly Mary and Jack)

A mostly true story but the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Updated!  The characters in this story have given me permission to use their real names.  Thank you Emily and Jake.


This is the second time we had been to this building.  The last time was last week, exactly one week ago.

Emily was driving as usual and she was nervous for some reason.  She kept glancing over at me and smiling at me, making me suspicious, I suspected that she was trying to put me at ease.

I ignored her odd behavior, I was intent on having a good time tonight just like I did last week.

As we entered the building my anticipation intensified, and Emily’s anxiety intensified.

We were the last to arrive, and as we entered the group I saw that the other couples gave us a wide berth, it suddenly felt like we were an island separated from the others.  Wow maybe I wasn’t going to have a good time tonight!

As our leader entered the group, he was clearly puzzled and possibly exasperated as he almost shouted “Who is that crying like a baby?”

Half of the faces turned and looked at us as the other half turned away as if in punishment.

I looked at Emily adoringly, she had rescued me and I didn’t really want to let her down but I am a being who lives in the moment and at this moment I guess it was I that was crying like a baby.  Well not really crying I was just whining with anticipation of having a good time. The human half of the couples were staring at us, the other dogs were looking away in some kind of doggy embarrassment.

After only week, we were all already a pack – I think our pack is called puppy training class.  The others wanted us to succeed and supported us but didn’t know what to do and that’s why we had a leader who is called instructor or teacher.

Emily adopted me as an older puppy, I’m some kind of a lab mix and a real handful.  It’s possible and probable that I was unadoptable and she saved my life.

I adore Emily and just want to make her happy. I’m not sure how to do that yet but Emily is learning how to communicate with me and we’re going to make it work.

Wish us luck on our journey!



Today’s Muse 4


Muse:  A source of inspiration and a guiding spirit.


I have a sliding glass door I use to let my dogs in and out of the back yard.

Monty is usually the last one to come in.  When he realizes he is in the yard alone, without his 2 pack members, he checks out to see if I am standing at the door.  If he sees me at the door he races at top speed, never hesitating, never slowing down, never even considering that I might not open the door and that he might crash into the glass.

What an amazing thing to have such trust and belief in another being.  I am so honored!

But, he does not race to the back door if he has one of his “outside” prizes he wants to drag into the house.  He does realize that for some reason I don’t open the door if he has a muddy branch, a dead worm, or any assortment of strange things he is able to discover in my little back yard.

My hero and today’s Muse.