EnduraPet My Favorite Vendor at 2016 Denver Dog Show


This year I was pleased to see EnduraPet, my favorite dog supplement provider, had returned to the 2016 Denver Dog Show.

I have been using EnduraPet for about six years now and have never been disappointed with results.

Here is a post I did about how their Mobility Plus+ changed my ageing German Shepherd’s life Mobility Plus+

The quality of their products continues to impress me.  I have a rescue dog suffering from Addison’s Disease.  He is quite nervous during stormy weather such as thunder and extreme wind.  He is also no so happy with fireworks.  I have been using the Calming Plus+ product for about three years and find it does just that, calms poor Roscoe’s nerves.  The wind, thunder and loud fireworks still bother him; but, with the help of Calming Plus+, he is able to settle down and wait out the event.

Rommy, Roscoe and Monty
Rommy, Roscoe and Monty


For more info go here to www.EnduraPet.com

February Yoga Puppy and Monty’s Suggestion


February’s pose is Warrior I Pose as shown here by Yogi.

Monty suggests combining this pose with Mountain Pose and a pose he calls Blind Dog’s Swaying Mountain Pose or another slightly more challenging pose he calls Blind Dog’s Swaying Tree Pose.


Blind Dog’s Swaying Mountain Pose:  From Warrior I step into Mountain Pose, close your eyes and move your breath and your focus to your feet.  Begin to gently sway in very small movements, take notice of your balance and feel the shifting of your weight in your feet as you sway.  Keep movements small.  Open your eyes and step alternate leg back into Warrior I.

Blind Dog’s Swaying Tree Pose:  From Warrior I step into Mountain Pose.  Shift weight into left leg and move into Tree Pose keeping the ball of the right foot on the ground.  Close your eyes and sway as if in a gentle breeze.  Keep movements small.  Open your eyes and move into Mountain Pose.  Shift weight to right leg and move into Tree Pose keeping the ball of the left foot on the ground.  Close your eyes and sway in the gentle breeze.  Open your eyes and move into Mountain Pose and when ready step alternate leg back into Warrior I.

Aids in balance, my Mom and her friend practice simple standing poses with their eyes closed and are now able to catch themselves when slipping on ice.  Decreases those nasty winter falls.

January Yoga Puppy and Monty’s Suggestion


Easy crossed leg pose.

Monty suggests combining with stomach grinds.


Place one hand on each knee.  Gently engage core.  Make a small slow steady circle around your center with your belly button or top of head.  Focus on steady breath.  After a minute switch directions (clockwise and counterclockwise).  Then switch your legs (other leg on top) and repeat.

May aid in digestion and realign organs in your core, great for circulation too!

Make my Day, Heaven on Earth


Heaven on Earth.

A place of love, peace, joy and happiness.

I have been missing my Rommy who I lost in August.  Imagine my surprise to receive this card from my church community.


It made my realize that Rommy provided me with a little bit of Heaven on Earth.

Always there for me.  With his calmness, fears and insecurities lessened.  Anxieties comforted.

Rommy sleeping

He left the knowledge of Heaven on Earth to Roscoe and Monty to share with me and remind me of my good fortune.  Just has he received the knowledge from Maxx and Troi before him.


Today’s Haiki by Monty, Hunting Squirrels in Snow


Hi!  My name is Monty and I am a guest blogger here on sanseilife.

My mom is teaching us all the art of writing Haiku.  I think I was a Shiba Inu in a previous life…

Here is one about the pack trying to wait out the squirrels in our back yard.

  • the snow falls softly
  • our footsteps following us
  • hiding place revealed!

New Program, DIA Therapy Dogs

Malachi, proud member of the Canine Airport Therapy Squad

My friend Malachi has enrolled in a new therapy program at Denver International Airport.  He is a volunteer with the Canine Airport Therapy Squad (CATS for short).

Malachi is a certified therapy dog.  He and his human companion Karen stroll the concourse looking for passengers who need cheering up.

Karen and Malachi at Denver International Airport
Malachi waiting to start new therapy program at DIA

Malachi and his canine therapy buddies are looking forward to helping passengers calm travel nerves so be on the look out for these friendly pups, they will be wearing their “Pet Me” vests.

Furry Five on Herding Humans


Hi, we are the Furry Five and we are guest bloggers here on sanseilife.

We are a new pack consisting of:

Roscoe Mania

Monty Mayhem

Ranger Danger

Remmy Renegade

Buster Beatdown

Our post today is describing the trials of herding humans.  They love this activity called “hiking” but they are so clueless.  Our job is to keep them on the trail.  We were herding three humans but the male kept forging ahead.  He is a real trouble maker and we are going to have to pow-wow to discuss how to get him under control.

Wish us luck.

Invisibility, My Friend in the Wheelchair and Good Tears

Rommy sleeping

Hi, my name is Rommy and I am a guest blogger here on sanseilife.

Although I am no longer in this world my mom thinks about me a lot and I try to send her memories to remind her about the great life we had together.

I reminded mom about a friend I made one day.  Laura was in a wheelchair and was very sad.  I went right up for her so that she could pet me.

She told my mom that she was amazed that I was not afraid of her or her wheelchair.

Mom and I would occasionally go on outings with Laura.  She knew all the friendly people and cool places that didn’t mind me coming in their stores.

One day we were in a favorite store and about five people talked to Laura and asked her about her dog friend.  She was the happiest I had ever seen her.  Suddenly animated and laughing the whole afternoon.

Later she told my mom, with tears in her eyes, that she loved going places with me.  She said she used to be invisible but now when people saw me they saw her too.  I thought people tears were a sad thing but that day I learned people tears can be a good thing too.

Laura is here with me and met me at the Rainbow Bridge to welcome me.  She doesn’t need her wheelchair anymore.

Mom always tries to take a moment to smile and say hi to those invisible people and I just reminded her why.