March 3 and 4, 2018 Hina Matsuri Festival

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Samurai at 2017 Hina Matsuri Festival



The armor of the samurai.   Labor intensive, intricate,  beautiful and full of meaning.  Rows of leather and plates of metal woven together with silk cord to make formidable protection.  Functional yet mesmerizing.

Dazzling helmets designed to strike apprehension into opponents upon recognition.

Join us this Saturday or Sunday, March 4th and 5th, at Simpson United Methodist Church, 6001 Wolff St. in Arvada, Colorado for the 49th Annual Hina Matsuri Festival. Hours are 11:30am to 4pm and this is a free event.

Enjoy the doll room, tea ceremony,  bonsai displays, ikebana (flower arranging) display, nonstop entertainment  including music and martial arts or have your name written in Japanese characters.

Here are a couple more displays you will be able to appreciate:

Lion Cub Doll from Hina Matsuri Festival

Suiseki Display From The Hina Matsuri Festival



My favorite dancers from this year’s  Powwow?


Both were children. This young man who danced with his whole body, it was mesmerizing!


This young lady who’s theme was Hello Kitty!


Showing off my iPhone photography skills, another dancer feet off the ground.   This young lady was very skillful.


And an attempt at live action sketching, yikes!  I’m addicted to this new challenge.


“The Enigma”, Favorite Artist from the 2015 Colorado Tattoo Convention


My favorite artist from the Tattoo Convention was The Enigma.

He has awesome energy, is friendly and fun, and his tattoos and body modifications are truly amazing.  He is one giant jigsaw puzzle!

His vibe is a kind soul.


The Enigma is not just a canvas for artwork, he is a talented artist, musician, and actor.

He moved to Denver last year and one of his first appearances was reading to the children at our local Mutiny Information Cafe.

You may recall seeing him in 1995 The X-Files Episode “Humbug” where he played The Conundrum.

I also picked up Volume #2 of his comic book series.



Check him out at

Although I went for the Rock’a’billy live music it wasn’t playing while I was there, but I did get to meet The Enigma!


Looking for something new to do in Denver?


My daughter and son-in-law have moved to Colorado.  She is in to tattoos and he loves motorcycles and cars.  I wanted to surprise them with something fun this weekend and look what is happening in Denver!

Okay, they also have live music and they got me on the Rock’a’billy.


Mystery Selfie and Donating Blood at the Lafayette Peach Festival

imageI received this selfie  last night and I have no clue who these people are.  I don’t know any of the people that were copied on it.

They look so happy I decided they needed a story.

Meet Andrea Anderson, Andrea Breeze, and Josh Banter.

They’ve known each other since first grade. They grew up in the small town of Lafayette Colorado, a suburb of Denver.   There was only one elementary school and their class was so small they went to first through six grade with the same kids each year.   The teachers always sat their students in alphabetical order, three kids to a long desk.   It was always Andrea, Josh, and Andrea at the first desk.   They became best friends.

The little town of Lafayette where they grew up had its first peach festival in 1999. Andrea, Andrea and Josh have been going to the peach festival every year since then.   It was a place their folks let them go when they were kids without supervision.

They still pig out on peach smoothies, peach cobbler, peach pie, and the newest addition peach pizza.

There are tons of vendors there and every year Andrea Anderson buys a new ring, Andrea Breeze buys a new necklace,  and Josh gets a barbecue turkey leg.

Even though the temperature this year was in the 90s, Josh was wearing his signature T-shirt and long sleeves.  His secret is that he’s got some tatoos he wishes he could get rid of it. He has one right at the base of his throat and many on each arm so he always wears a T-shirt and a long sleeve shirt.

One other thing they always do? They always donate blood at the mobile blood van.

image Here is the inside of the van waiting for a donation couch.

Well what do you think?  Should I send them a link to this blog post and see who they really are?

Japanese Kite Flying Festival



imageMaster kite maker Mikio Toki is in Denver from Japan  teaching kite making and flying technics.imageFriday there were two sessions teaching kite construction.
imageimageimageimageSaturday the actual kite flying.imageThe small one underneath is actually an artichoke.image What a relaxing afternoon. Amazing kites made by amazing artists.

Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Another Talented Artist


The Cherry Creek Arts Festival here in Denver Colorado is one of my favorite festivals.

This year on July 4th my stepdaughter and I connected with this artist.



Alex lives in Arizona and we aren’t as close as either of us would like to be.

As a surprise I went back on July 5th and picked out these two sets of earrings.

If we each were buying a pair Alex would have bought the pair that looks like twigs and I would’ve bought the flowers.

This is what we did.  We each keep one earring from each set to wear them together. Then we can think of each other when we are wearing them!

The artist was excited when she heard what we were going to do in to make the earrings even she put the flowers on short wires and the twigs on long wires so they are about the same length when we wear them.


We will be thinking of each other a lot!





Cherry Creek Arts Festival Awesome Artist



The Cherry Creek Arts Festival here in Denver Colorado is one of my favorite festivals.

I enjoy connecting with the artists.  This year I was lucky enough to connect with maja and you can see more of her work here maja ,


My stepdaughter Alex was visiting for the week and we are trying to reconnect.   This festival was something we did together as a family when she was much younger.  We went on July 4 to check it out and she also loved this artist.

I went back on July 5 and picked out two sets of earrings.  And this is what we did:


We each keep one hearing from each set and wear them together. Then we can think of each other when we are wearing them!  Since she lives in Arizona this “brings us together across the miles”.