Make my Day Monty’s Rescue


Monty is the newest addition to the pack.

His rescue was in the fall of 2012. He was a puppy waiting to be rescued at the Colorado Pet Expo.

I was there to look at products not puppies! I had found some awesome stuff for my pets at the last year’s expo, I was on a mission!

However, in the middle of the Expo was the puppy rescue area.  Only the most hardened could resist the puppy rescue area, I was doomed…..

I am a German Shepherd lover. My two dogs were a German Shepherd and a German Shepherd mix.    I’ve always had German Shepherd’s and I understand their high energy and their great and sometimes annoying intelligence.  These two were more than a enough work for me.

I was “just looking” at the puppies.  These cute white and black puppies drew my attention, the rescue group promised me that they had the mother and they knew these puppies were Border Collie mix puppies.  They brought the six or seven puppies out of the pen for me to play with, all the puppies took off to explore except for this one male puppy who climbed into my lap and wanted to lick my face.  In the back of my mind I thought “Border Collie’s are herding dogs, just like German shepherds how different could he be?”  They told me they thought he’d be around 30 pounds when he finished growing.

I reluctantly handed him back to the rescue volunteers and went back to the Expo.  About every half hour I went back to check and see if he was still there. Each time at least one of his siblings had been adopted but he was still there. After about the fourth time I came back and only he and two other puppies were left, the volunteers told me he was getting attached to me and I needed to adopt him.  He really seem to be waiting for me each time I returned!

I had 1 million excuses not to adopt him, I am so tough – about the sixth time I went to look at him I told the ladies if he was still there in a half an hour I would adopt him and take him home.  The Expo was almost over and I really was worried that he wouldn’t find a home.

Right before the expo was ready to close I went back and he was still there, my last excuse was I didn’t have a crate and he’d be loose on the drive home. They couldn’t possibly let me take him home without him being secure in a crate, could they?  “He is so tiny” they said just hold it in your lap and you’ll get him home okay.  Well that made total sense to me!

I brought him home and as he grew it was apparent that he was not a border collie mix.  After watching the spots appear my vet guessed perhaps a Dalmation mix.?  Oh by the way he’s 50 pounds, 20 more pounds then I expected!


He has really stolen my heart and done some amazing things for the “pack”.  He found his place in the pack immediately and made it clear that we were his forever family.












Make My Day and Puppy Rescue, Rommy and Roscoe’s Story

Rommy had been the only dog in the house for over a year and he said he was lonely.

I always had 2 or 3 dogs at one time and they were a real pack!  I lost Troilus and Jack, Rommy’s pack mates, close together and did not have the emotional energy to look for a friend for Rommy.

I had been following this web-site, Colorado Puppy Rescue.  My favorite dog is a German Shepherd and they always had German Shepherd-mix puppies available for adoption.  One weekend I decided to check them out, Rommy and I went to the adoption site and arrived one-half hour early.  When we walked in and the line was already dozens of people long.

Rommy is a big dark red and black German Shepherd and people are mostly afraid of him on sight and avoid him (cross to the other side of the street, etc., when they see us coming).  The people standing in line were dog lovers, no one was afraid of him and he was enjoying himself getting all the attention he wanted.  We got to the front of the line and the volunteers said no German Shepherd mixes were left but to please come back again.

We returned the very next weekend, this time one hour early, and there were already 8 people ahead of us!  They had 4 or 5 German Shepherd-mix puppies for adoption and I figured that not all of those people would want a German Shepherd puppy so we stayed and waited.  Just like the week before Rommy was making the rounds, getting hugs and leaning on people and just being so dang cute and friendly.  I was getting comments on how nice he was and questions like, were all German Shepherds like him?

Well, we get to the front of the line and I asked to see the German Shepherd puppies, and am advised they were all adopted!  Rommy had shot himself in the paw being so dang adorable that those people in front of us scooped up all the German Shepherds.  They did have other herding dog puppies so Rommy met them but was not impressed.  One of the volunteers came out from the back somewhere, took one look at Rommy and said oh you wanted a German Shepherd puppy, we have one in the back I forgot about.  Another puppy bit his ear and it was bleeding, we put him in the back to let that ear stop bleeding and forgot to bring him out.  Do you want to see him?

Rommy took one look at this puppy (now known as Roscoe) and said that is the one.  I thought it was my imagination so I held Roscoe under one arm and another puppy under the other arm.  I asked Rommy which one he wanted to take home and he sat in front of Roscoe and put his nose on him!

They have been best friends ever since.  Here is a picture of them when Roscoe was brand new to our house.