Honda Gold Wing Chapter E New Member Casey Strickland


Casey Strickland is Chapter E’s newest member joining in March 2014.  He is a real sweetie (I think GWRRA members can be sweeties).

Chapter E is in Region F which comprises the Southwestern United States Gold Wing Road Riders Association’s Districts and includes the Districts of California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico & Hawaii.

Casey has been riding since he was about 9, he started on dirt bikes and at about 14 he graduated to a street bike.

Casey has a second home in Central City (in the mountains a short distance from Denver).  He enjoyed his Gold Wing (and Colorado’s great mountain scenery) this summer with trips to Central City and touring the roads you find winding through the mountains of Colorado.

He also took a longer road trip to Albuquerque.  Plenty of storage here for his gear.


When I asked Casey about the bling I have noticed on other Gold Wings, and taking particular note that Casey’s Gold Wing was pretty stock, he told me he didn’t think he was going to add much bling to his Gold Wing.  I think this might be his age here (being one of the younger members of the club if not the youngest) he is still in his reserved stage.


But I do note that Casey was not yet wearing one of the club vests, for which “bling” is a definite necessity.  Will have to keep an eye on Casey and see what happens here….

I understand that “Pins Patches and Little Dangly Things” are a must for any respectable GWRRA vest!

Good luck Casey I am really looking forward to following the bling added to your Gold Wing and vest!






Bryan Lape 2014 – 2015 Region Individual of the Year, better known as the creator of the slogan “Pins, Patches and Little Dangly Things”

It was a pleasure to meet Bryan Lape at the recent Chapter E Fundraiser.

What a dynamic (and  charming)  gentlemen.  Bryan Lape is the Gold Wing Road Riders Association Region F Individual of the Year and was honored at an event in St George, Utah earlier this year.

At that event he coined the phrase “Pins, Patches and Little Dangly Things” as documented by this YouTube video:

What did this speech mean?  A visual representation for those of you not acquainted with the Gold Wing riders’ love for sparkly bling:



I believe the goal is to fill your vest up with sparkle and patches until no leather can be seen.

Some of the dangly stuff are pins for yearly completed different events, some are for classes,  ralleys in the different States, national events, well you get the picture (a ton of like really exciting I can’t explain until I learn more events).  These riders are out for community and a fun time with their fellow Gold Wing enthusiasts.  They focus on conducting all events in a safe and in a supportive environment.  Education is also an a prime focus.

The GWRRA Mission:  “Dedicated to our Motto; Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge, GWRRA Members enjoy the freedom of belonging to a not-for-profit, non-religious and non-political organization.”

Congratulations Bryan Lape, 2014 – 2015 Region Individual of the Year!!  May your days be ever filled with the knowledge that your wonderful self reaches beyond the Gold Wing community.

Christine the Yogi Rides a Honda Gold Wing

I know Christine from the Yoga group.  As the slender (read between the lines in my mind “not able to handle a huge motorcycle” boy was I wrong) and calm Yogi.

We got to talking one day and she told me she was working on a fundraiser for the local Honda Gold Wing club.  I volunteered to help her and signed up as her assistant for the silent auction.

Turns out Christine is the owner of the Honda Gold Wing parked in front of her house and a regular rider.  Believe me she can handle her motorcycle!  Here is a picture of her in her vest at the fundraiser.  The picture of the front of her vest is missing  from my photo library (I am such an amature took several pictures which are now evaporated) so until I can get another you will have to wait but she had what I thought was a ton of pins and patches on the front of her vest until I saw some of the other vests that night!  (Christine really has a mind-boggling amount of pins and patches but she is still a pup and it is not extreme yet😱)


Christine is the Individual of the Year for Chapter E of Region F of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association, an International Association with members world wide.

When Christine was growing up her dad was an instructor for the California Highway Patrol in the 60’s.  She has been around motorcycles her whole life and really enjoys owning a Gold Wing.  She and her dad have had some adventures with their Gold Wings and I am looking forward to meeting him and hearing these unusual father – daughter stories.

I think they would both tell me that Christine’s true identity is:  Christine the Honda Gold Wing Rider practices Yoga.