Flowers for Kris and Today’s Haiku


We lost my sister Kris six years ago.  My brother-in-law Den had these flowers placed on the alter at church this weekend in her memory.

My memories of her lately have been when we were young.  She was 9 years older than me but still found things we could enjoy together despite the age difference.

One memory I have is of her and I watching spooky movies, just the two of us.  Our younger brother was too little for spooky movies and we waited until he went to bed.  We shared a huge bag of chocolate chip cookies dipped into short glasses of lemonade as we settled in for spooky movies until I fell asleep.

Here is my Haiku:

  • our expectations
  • satisfied with shared terror
  • and sister giggles

Love and miss you Kris!

Haiku for National Adoption Weekend At PetSmart, a Message for Uncle Sam


We were both rescued as puppies.

I (Roscoe on left) was supposed to be 60 pounds but forgot to stop growing and weigh 90 pounds.

I (Monty on right) was supposed to be 40 pounds but I also forgot to stop growing and weigh 60 pounds.

Mom says it is okay because big dogs have big poop and it is easy to find to pick up!

Our haiku for this adoption Weekend?

  • adopt with your heart
  • handsome guys like us await
  • your love this weekend

Our Uncle Sam needs a puppy🐶