Today’s Muse


Muse:  A source of inspiration and a guiding spirit.

Today’s Muse is Madeline who I met at the pet food store (just one of many I frequent).

An adorable young lady who informed me that her t-shirt was a triple hand me down and showed me the worn spots and holes.

When I wondered if my dogs would like a goat dog kibble she ran to the back room and found a sample for them to try (it was pretty goaty stinky but after a few sniffs they gobbled it right down).

She also made sure I got my cash discount and reminded the owner of the store to figure out a good discount for my huge purchase of over 100 lbs of dog food and several bags of parrot food.

This young lady had me smiling the whole time I shopped and I realized that she made my day a better day with her bubbly personality.  Madeline inspired me to be more friendly and helpful and to pay attention to those around me!

My Hero and Today’s Muse, Madeline.



Go Rockies! Happy 4th!


I love the Colorado Rockies fireworks games.  Nothing more pleasant than a good baseball game (Rockies beat Cincinnati!) followed by a fireworks show.  I couldn’t get tickets for a fireworks game this year so a friend surprised me with our favorite front row third base seats.

Nolan Arenado 2017

A ladies favorite who is previously tried to land in our laps in these very same seats!

July 8th last year!

Love front row third base and a great evening with the ladies!


Today’s Muse – Labyrinth



Muse: A source of inspiration and a guiding spirit.

Today’s muse is the labyrinth I walk.


My labyrinth is located on top of a hill.  The scenery is breath taking.



The path leading to the labyrinth had moss growing on it today which will disappear when summer replaces spring.  There are also some very small plants which will will be allowed to grow if they are not weeds.


The labyrinth starts and ends here.  A labyrinth is similar to a maze.   The labyrinth’s path however is a clear path.   There is only one way to it’s center.

A time for reflection and a walking meditation.


I always start the journey with no clear intention.  I allow my thoughts to travel where they need to travel.   Today I stopped several times to appreciate small spring flowers.


And some tenacious moss growing on the path.


Different rocks catch my attention and allow me to focus and calm my spirit.


When you reach the center there are wooden chairs to sit on.  Parts of huge logs.


Contemplate your journey and when your spirit is refreshed reverse your travels back to the beginning.

My hero and Today’s Muse, a Labyrinth.





Today’s Muse Erica


Muse: A source of inspiration and a guiding spirit.

Today’s muse is Erica.   She was my donor technician today for my blood donation.

A cheerful and bubbly young woman. We got to talking about her art work.  Such a positive spirit practicing and selling her art, sketching, drawing, painting, knitting and crocheting, to name a few!

She was so positive that I overcame my fear of  showing my practice sketches to anyone but my fellow bloggers.  I showed her my mini sketchbook that I carry with me all the time.

She was truly was excited for me as she noted the progress of my earlier sketches to my more recent sketches. We talked about the need to continue practicing. She told me not to take any art classes yet but to let my natural abilities develop a bit more.

Erica gave me a many ideas on ways to branch out in my sketching.

Not only that but the stick sshe gave me at the beginning of my donation was not even felt!  A gentle soul!

My hero and today’s Muse, Erica.




Today’s Haiku, Appreciating a Sunrise


An amazing thing happened Sunday night that has lifted my spirits all week.

I realized this morning that I had become somewhat depressed and that I was not appreciating the things placed right before me.

For example, here is a beautiful sunrise I enjoy every morning while walking my dogs.

  • today, a true smile
  • on my lips and in my heart
  • watching the sun rise

Starting the day with a smile is uplifting.  Yikes, I have even been humming all week!

A Double Make My Day, Love With Food Boxes!


I have received two of these boxes from  “Love with Food”.

They are filled with organic, natural treats.

I don’t know who is sending these to me.  I have a long list of suspects that are playing innocent.  Make My Day one.

This mystery person really knows me.  The second part of Double Make My Day?

Each box purchased earns a meal donated to a food bank:

imageSo I scored a Double Make My Day!

Thank you mystery gift giver, you are truly double thoughtful.

Make my Day, Heaven on Earth


Heaven on Earth.

A place of love, peace, joy and happiness.

I have been missing my Rommy who I lost in August.  Imagine my surprise to receive this card from my church community.


It made my realize that Rommy provided me with a little bit of Heaven on Earth.

Always there for me.  With his calmness, fears and insecurities lessened.  Anxieties comforted.

Rommy sleeping

He left the knowledge of Heaven on Earth to Roscoe and Monty to share with me and remind me of my good fortune.  Just has he received the knowledge from Maxx and Troi before him.


Today’s Muse

Muse:  A source of inspiration and a guiding spirit.

Today’s Muse has blown into my life unexpectedly.

Her path is in some ways very similar to mine.

She meets every challenge with a positive attitude and her optimism is encouraging me to be a stronger person.

I am lucky to have several adopted sisters who are strong ladies and provide me with strength when I need it.

May I be there for them if any should become discouraged and provide them with the inspiration they have all shared with me.

Thank you to my hero and Today’s Muse who reminded me how lucky I am.  I have a great adopted family of support.