Today’s Muse 1

Muse:  A source of inspiration and a guiding spirit.

Today’s Muse is the little girl, a toddler learning to walk.

Her adoring parents following her every step as she toddled across the parking lot.  Before those doting parents could help her she determinely tried to step up onto the curb.

Her little face scrunched in thought her toe caught  the edge of the curb and she landed with an almost audible smack right on her chin.   I expected immediate tears as her mom covered her face with her hands and as her dad leaned over her, but wait!  Something inside him stopped him from going to her rescue, she struggled to her feet and thought about those tears but changed her mind.  She looked right at me and gave me a big bright smile.

She looked at that curb and carefully stepped up, a little tipsy – but she caught her balance to the relief of the three adults watching her.  Laughing in the moment she continued on her journey.

My hero and today’s Muse.





Shichi-Go-San, Blessing of the Children

Shichi-Go-San “Seven-Five-Three” is a traditional festival day in Japan celebrated to mark the growth of children as they turn three, five and seven years of age.  In Japan this festival occurs annually on November 15 or on the nearest weekend.  Parents take their children to a shrine where they pray for the good health and well-being of their children.

At Simpson UMC Shichi-Go-San was celebrated this year on October 5th.  We also call the day “Blessing of the Children”.  We bless all children of the congregation and other children who wish to attend, we thank God for their presence in our lives and for their health and happiness.


In Japan the children may wear their traditional dress, kimonos for girls and haori jackets and hakama trousers for boys.

At Simpson the girls wore kimonos and the boys happi jackets.  Ann Henderson presided over a blessing for the children.  Ann truly joined in the spirit of the day and wore a kimono provide by Jane Fujioka.