Lymphedema Treatment Act

Imagine you are told you have a condition that requires lifetime treatment.  The supplies you need are simple, some are expensive, but necessary to control your condition.  And then you find out your treatment supplies are consumed very quickly and must be replaced constantly.  And none of those supplies are covered by insurance.  And finally you realize if you don’t pay for all these supplies your condition will deteriorate and get worse.

There are many causes of lymphedema.  It touches people of all ages.


Singing in the Choir


While listening to a VoiceBox segment on Colorado Public Radio I was surprised to hear that research shows singing, specifically singing in a choir, has significant benefits for your health.

I joined the choir at my church several years ago and I thoroughly enjoy being part of the group.  Even though I can’t read music the other choir members and choir director have made me feel very welcome.

Why do I enjoy the choir?  I just assumed that because the people were so friendly and fun.  Being in a choir is much more complicated than just opening your mouth and making a joyful noise.  What are the benefits of group singing?

Often compared to Yoga (which I truly love), singing in a choir has a calming and soothing effect on its members.  Group singing elevates spirits.

Could it be happy hormones are released during singing?  Science seems to think yes.  Much like eating chocolate or engaging in other activities that produce pleasure.

A group of singers actually synchronize their heart beats and pulses also increase and decrease in union.  I can attest, there develops a real bond with your fellow choir members, which starts with synchronized breathing and singing in harmony.  The whole choir experience makes you more sensitive to others.

So if you need some happy hormones think about joining a choir or maybe singing with the radio or your favorite cd.  I personally like to sing along with the torch song divas!