Helping the Homeless, This Month’s Gift Sack

I was speaking to a former homeless person a couple weeks ago.

He recently was employed and had found a place to live. His life had turned around, so happy and grateful, so optimistic for a different future.

He knew I occasionally put together little gift sacks for homeless in Arvada.

He invited me to the restaurant where he now worked as a cook for a free meal.  Being from the south he was excited to be making waffles and fried chicken again!

I wasn’t sure these gift sacks were doing any good.  I realized his  wonderfully positive and infectious cheerful energy has stayed with me since that day. The benefit turned out to be mine……

What’s in my gift sacks this month?   Socks, washcloth and liquid soap, and a variety of snacks.



Rebel Rodriguez, Arvada, Colorado’s Woman of the Year, and Little free food bank!

Rebel Rodriguez is the 2017 Arvada Chamber Woman of the Year.

Here in Arvada, Colorado our woman of the year, Rebel Rodriguez runs an amazing food bank serving disadvantaged residents and Arvada’s homeless.  She also stocks an equally amazing little free food bank on the corner of Grandview and Olde Wadsworth at the Rising Church.  The Blessing Box.

Inspiring me to make snack and lunch bags for our children and homeless.

Thank you Rebel for your community service, to read more about Rebel go here to Rebel’s article.

The Denver Voice



The Denver Voice is a local nonprofit newspaper providing a unique source of income for Denver’s homeless and unemployed.

Venders purchase newspapers for fifty cents and sell them for $2 or whatever you wish to pay.  Venders keep the difference.  This is not a charity.  Venders must purchase the papers they sell.   They are not panhandlers.  You are purchasing a newspaper filled with information about Denver and stories from around the country and around the world.

Venders work hard and are trying back on their feet.  They have earned the respect and friendship of their regular customers.

This months issue was especially fun as the center pages were wrapping papers designed by a variety of Denverites.


How am I doing? Queen of the Design Feature!


The most recent get together our knitting and crochet for homeless and other charities group had was another success.

The weather was great so the kids wanted to play outside.  This took the pressure off of me trying to keep up with them so I actually did some knitting!

Nancy got me started with the casting on.  I asked her how she knew how long of a tail to start with and she gave me a wicked smile and told me that it was a guess….

She made the mistake of complimenting me on my tension and even stitches.  Well I got cocky and made a whole row mistake   Didn’t even catch it .  Nancy diplomatically pointed it out and I asked her if I needed to start over.  She gave me an impish (I think she might have leprechaun in her) smile and said “Heck no, that’s called a design feature and will make your piece unique!”

Bless her heart.  I now have a new mission, to be “Queen of the Design Feature”!


Knitting and Crocheting for the Homeless, True Confession


Our knitting and crocheting for the homeless and other charities group was meeting this last weekend.  Noel had brought yummy food and I was having a big plate of it.  I believe it was Terry who asked, “Paula are you going to knit anything?”

The room went silent.  You could hear a knitting needle drop (tee-hee).  I responded, “Well I don’t want to rush into anything, isn’t this only our second meetup?”  Someone else chipped in, “Um, no this is our third session….”  (Unsaid by entire group: “And you haven’t started on anything yet.”)

Some sweet lady piped up “She has been taking pictures for us…..”

Okay, I admit it.  The perfect tension control exhibited by the kids is a bit intimidating.  I haven’t knit or crochet forever and those adorable young people are intimidating me with their perfect tension and perfect looking projects.

I did pick out these two beautiful skeins of yarn to start with.  I talked to Nancy, one of our fearless leaders, about what I should start with and we decided simple 8″ squares that can later be sewn into prayer blankets.  That way, until I get my tension control um controlled, I can just measure until I have 8″.  Brilliant!

Now I will just let these two skeins of yarn season a bit…….. 🙂






Storms a Coming, Hats and Scarves for Homeless and Other Projects

Colorado has been having a very very cold winter.  The shelters have sent out a plea for more hats and scarves for the homeless. The Simpson group, although many are beginners, have completed a few projects and are working hard on getting more done to beat the cold weather.


image  image

We plan to get together twice a month so the more experienced crafters can help the beginners complete their projects or answer questions.

image       image

One of the group has finished these lovely soft hats. These are for people who’ve lost their hair due to the chemotherapy treatments.

These hats are going to be appreciated on those tender heads during this next snowstorm.


Scarves and hats for the homeless, knitting and crochet group Feb 2015


The second meeting of the Scarves and Hats for the Homeless, Knitting and Crochet Group took place February 15th.  Once again the children were the fastest learners and had the best tension control.

The group discussed other projects such as:

  • Having a ton of fun!
  • Prayer afghans where the members would each knit or crochet 8″ squares to be joined together for special prayer blankets.
  • Knitted and crocheted stuffed animals for children.
  • Holiday gifts for those in need of cheer.
  • Sweaters for rescue dogs at a Jefferson County shelter.
  • Mittens.
  • Fun personal projects that the more experienced will help the newbies with such as shawls, purses, other items.

If you would like to join us at Simpson United Methodist Church in Arvada, Colorado the group is a community group for anyone interested and we hope to meet about every other week.  Send me a comment and I will make sure you get a contact.

Here are some of the personal projects the more experienced ladies have been working on:


Gotta hurry before the baby grows anymore!


Warmest mittens ever!


Felted purses too cool!


Much needed sweaters for rescue dogs.


We’d love to have your ideas, company and help!


Simpson UMC hats and scarves for the homeless



Our first get together for the Simpson UMC newest outreach program.  Knitting and crocheting hats and scarves for the homeless.



The children are the fastest learners and they have the best tension control.


Donated yarn and many lovely colors it’s fun to work on a project that delights the eyes!


Several experienced ladies taught the less experienced and new projects are in the works already.

Patterns designed and donated by Nancy Shook who also was our fearless leader here.





Thank you Nancy, Terry, and Becky for your patience today. We’re looking forward to your helping us with our future projects.