This Week’s Anonymous Postcard


I am still receiving postcards anonymously in the mail.



First Emergency Vet Visit

Henry here with a guest post about my first emergency vet visit.

I am a rescue. They don’t know much about me but my dog Mom was rescued too and she definitely had a lot of Boxer in her.

Human Mom learned that Boxers had a lot of eye issues and when she got home tonite and saw my eye like this she freaked out, threw me in the car and took me to the Emergency Vet!  I mean really threw me in the car!!!

Turns out no scratch on my eye, looks like a bug bite, likely a stupid wasp which Monty has taught me to chase and try to eat.

I was sweet until I got suspicious and then was a real stinker and would not let them fit me for something called the cone of shame…

They gave up and gave me a large cone of shame and wished my human Mom good luck with getting it on me 😈.

Roscoe and Monty are excited because the emergency vet prescribed Benadryl for the swelling and they think it’ll make me sleep and pester them less.

The real reason I went to the emergency vet was because I heard human Mom say it was time for me to get something called neutered which sounds horrible.  Roscoe and Monty actually have been extra tolerant of me because of neutering in my future.  Now Mom says I used my neutering money for an emergency and neutering will be postponed until next month which is my birthday month….   Happy birthday to me?

Henry, Roscoe and Monty

The Three ???


Henry here, guest blogger on sanseilife.  Mom caught us cavorting in the snow earlier this week and took this photo, I’m the one in action.

She wanted to call us The Three Stooges…  Well as you know I  have been watching a little TV lately so know who the Three Stooges are and that’s not us.

I was thinking of The Three Musketeers or Les Trois Mousquetaires here at Chez Matsumoto.

  • D’Artagnan, the young wannabee Musketeer, that’s me.  I am fitting into the pack but it ain’t easy.  I have to prove I deserve their respect.
  • Athos strikes me as an uncle figure and that is what Monty is to me.  He has really taken me under his paw and is showing me the ropes.
  • Aramis handsome and loves the women and so that would be my human brother Nick.  Mom will do a sketch of the 2 of us some day soon.
  • Porthos is the strong and stubborn Musketeer, Roscoe to a tail wag.  If I get scared I stand right under him for his strength.

The only other other option is the Three Little Pigs and Mom just better not go there.

Leave Satire to the Experts and What I Learned Blogging About Donald Trump

I recently tried my hand writing satire in my post “Letter to Donald Trump.”

I didn’t even come close.

I did get a couple of nice comments from a couple of bloggers who got the point of my post.  Thank you for taking the time to read and comment!

What did I learn?

Leave satire to the experts!




Walking Dead and Brothers

Believe it or not I just recently discovered The Walking Dead.

I also recently had some surgery and remember being quite out of it. I’m sure my brother could’ve convinced me of almost anything. Fortunately he lives in another state and didn’t have the chance!

So here’s one for my brother and his sense of humor, hope I am not a victim to one of his pranks any time soon!  Hey Sam you had better make room for all of my pets!


May Yoga Puppy and Monty’s Suggestion



May’s yoga pose is Warrior II as shown here by Bailey.

Monty suggests combining this pose with tree pose.

Moving into tree pose from Warrior II.   Here Bailey’s right leg is back he will step his right leg forward into mountain pose and take a couple of deep breaths there.   Shifting your weight into your left foot bring your right foot into your left thigh toes down.  Bring your hands to prayer, gaze soft and breathe deep.

Return to mountain pose and bring your left foot back into Warrior II for several breaths.  Step your left foot forward into mountain pose for a couple of deep breaths.  Shift weight to right foot and bring left foot to thigh toes down.  Bring hands to prayer.


Return to mountain pose and deep breathing to allow your body to enjoy your practice.

Good luck with your Yoga and stay happy!


April Yoga Puppy and Monty’s Suggestion



April’s pose is Upward-Facing Dog as shown here by Pansy⬆️🐶 aka Up Dog.

Monty suggests combining this pose with Downward-Facing Dog ⬇️🐶 aka Down Dog.


Moving into Down Dog from Up Dog.

On an exhale turn your toes under and and lift your knees away from the floor.  Tail (or tailbone) reaches to the ceiling.  Thighs reach to chest.  Heels press back towards floor.

Knees stay soft, don’t lock them.

Keep the head between the upper arms but not hanging, back of neck long not compressed.

Here is my brother Roscoe doing down dog.


He should try to position his tail more like mine here:

Monty pup
Monty pup

Good luck with your Yoga practice and happy springtime!