Make My Day! Mystery Postcard…….


I received this postcard anonymously in the mail!

I say anonymously because there was no return address and the printing was disguised.

Note how carefully this was cut from a newspaper.  It was also taped with one huge piece of tape.    Expertly and perfectly centered.

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t have taped this with one piece of tape without it getting wrinkled, off center, basically would have made a mess.

So who do I know who has the patience and expertise for this? It has to be my brother Sam. He’s an engineer and I think this explains it all!




Today’s Haiki by Monty, Hunting Squirrels in Snow


Hi!  My name is Monty and I am a guest blogger here on sanseilife.

My mom is teaching us all the art of writing Haiku.  I think I was a Shiba Inu in a previous life…

Here is one about the pack trying to wait out the squirrels in our back yard.

  • the snow falls softly
  • our footsteps following us
  • hiding place revealed!

Superheroes for Kyle

My son in law Kyle is a superhero aficionado.

Superman versus Batman right?

But who’s the hero in the lower right-hand corner?  I really have no clue, yikes!

Help! I was hoping to send Kyle a clever note with these buttons but if I don’t know who the lighting bolt hero is I’ll let him down….

Flash Gordon? I think Flash Gordon had lightning bolt ears?

P. S. Don’t ask me why the upper left-hand button is missing it’s too long of a story ….

My Hero!

imageimageWhen Kyle and Alex  were visiting recently we were relaxing in the front room watching a show.

Alex looked up and let out a tiny squeal.  Yikes there was a spider taking a stroll across the ceiling!  The stuff of nightmares, when would let out it’s silky rope and land on one of us?

Kyle to the rescue.  Tissue in hand he reached up and plucked the evil invader right off the ceiling.   Yes, Kyle is so tall he can touch my ceiling without even standing on his tippy toes!

How handy is that?

Our hero, Kyle.