Welcome Henry Formerly Known as Sam!


Found Henry!  The ladies in the dog rescue group are used to seeing me every Saturday checking out the puppies.  This Saturday they made sure I checked out their sweetest puppy.  When they told me his rescue name was Sam it was an instant connection.

Henry’s mother was found extremely pregnant in Tijuana Mexico.  The day after she arrived in Colorado she gave birth to nine puppies but was so starved two did not survive.

Henry is a German Shepherd Boxer mix.   They are sure his mom was a Boxer and his other features are German Shepherd.  Half of his siblings had a different father and had short wirey coats.


Henry lounging on his new bed at the pet store.


Henry tuckered out after shopping for his stuff and surprises for his new brothers.

And the instant connection to th name Sam?  My brother’s name is Sam, I briefly thought maybe my brother could change his name but he has had it for almost 60 years….  So Sam the dog is now known as Henry.

December Yoga Puppy and Monty’s Suggestion



December’s yoga puppy is Juno practicing Warrior I.

Monty suggests following Warrior I with a modified Triangle Pose.


From Warrior I step back foot forward, arms still reaching up, swan dive to toe touch, plant your hands and step into down dog for several breaths.  From down dog step your left foot forward. Turn your right foot parallel with the back of your mat. Bring your  left hand to a block placed just outside your left ankle, right hand reaches to the ceiling palm facing forward, look up at your right hand.  Hold for several breaths.

Bring right arm down, step right foot forward to toe touch, engage abs and reverse swan dive to reach arms to ceiling.

Move into Warrior I on opposite side and repeat with Triangle pose on opposite side.

Happy New Year to all Yogis.

The Denver Voice



The Denver Voice is a local nonprofit newspaper providing a unique source of income for Denver’s homeless and unemployed.

Venders purchase newspapers for fifty cents and sell them for $2 or whatever you wish to pay.  Venders keep the difference.  This is not a charity.  Venders must purchase the papers they sell.   They are not panhandlers.  You are purchasing a newspaper filled with information about Denver and stories from around the country and around the world.

Venders work hard and are trying back on their feet.  They have earned the respect and friendship of their regular customers.

This months issue was especially fun as the center pages were wrapping papers designed by a variety of Denverites.


October Yoga Puppy and Monty’s Suggestion


October’s yoga puppy was Liza practicing chair pose.

Monty is really smitten with her.

Monty suggests following chair pose with a gentle backbend.

Feet hip distance apart, bring palms to your sacrum fingers pointing down.  Point elbows to wall behind you.  Keeping back of neck and lower back open gently engage buttocks.  Opening chest lengthen torso top of head reaching toward wall behind you in a gentle backbend hips pressing gently forward.


I love Liza’s coat and she make me feel like I have found a soul mate.  White with black spots and those ears!  Sigh….. Her form is adorable don’t you think?


Operation Christmas Child



Each year our little community at Simpson United Methodist Church fills shoe boxes with surprises for children in need of a smile.

Operation Christmas Child is a project of the international relief organization Samaritan’s Purse. Donations of shoe boxes filled with small toys, hygiene items, and school supplies for children who do not receive gifts, children affected by war, poverty, natural disaster, famine and disease; and to children living on Native American reservations in the U.S.

The program started in the United Kingdom in 1990 by Dave and Jill Cooke has expanded and since then has delivered gift-filled shoe boxes to over 135 million children in more than 150 countries and territories.

Some fun things I found this year?  A fluffy puppy purse with for some lucky girl (I wanted to keep it for myself and secretly named it Henry), and fold up back packs with about 30 different smiley face emoji decorations, purple for girls and blue for boys.

Letter to Donald Trump



Dear President-Elect Trump:

Congratulations!  You are now our president and possibly the most powerful person on the planet.

Your responsibility as a role model for people around the world, especially our young people and children, is immense.

You are a compelling leader.  The world finds you fascinating.  You have a once-in-a-lifetime and unique opportunity to influence billions of people.

We are all watching you with hope.

Who are you?

My wish list for inspiring the world to be a better place:

  • Inspiration
  • Empathy
  • Optimism
  • Accountability
  • Honesty
  • Courtesy
  • Respect
  • Passion

Good luck in the next four years.






Randolph’s social life was reduced to the grocery store.  He tried to go every day just to get out of the house.  Spending time in the deli where he could buy premade meals, imagining sharing a meal with anyone and having a conversation over good food.  Yup tonight it was going to be a special meal.  He allowed himself lasagna on those days he really needed a pick me up.  Store brand canned beans for lunch.  A macaroni salad and what the heck, a green salad if he felt like something healthy…. And a carton of that disgusting lactaid milk.

Standing in his favorite checker’s lane, Polly kept looking over and smiling at him.  Bless her.

“Yikes Randolph! Your milk is leaking!”

“I’ll just run and get a replacement, you take this lady behind me in the meantime.”

Randolph guessed it wasn’t going to be that great of a day spirits falling as he went for the replacement carton.  Old fool didn’t even notice the milk was leaking.

Rushing back to check out Polly was just finishing up with that lady, they both turned to him with big smiles!   Maybe his zipper was undone? Still it was nice to have a couple of ladies smiling at him like that.

Handing Polly his replacement carton he noticed his groceries were already sacked.

“Hey Randolph, that lady bought all your groceries for you.  She said for you to have a nice day! ”

An impish smile lit up his face which stayed with him all nice day long.