Yarn Stash Fairy!


I’ve been advised by another blogger that yarn stashes are caused by Yarn Stash Fairies.

What a relief to know I do not have a serious addiction!

Unlike some fairies Yarn Stash Fairies carry no malice.

They are romantic creatures that want you to enjoy texture and color.

So next time you have an uncontrollable desire to pull into the parking lot of that new yarn shop do not despair, it’s not an addiction, it’s the Yarn Stash Fairies trying to release your creative talents!


Yikes! I have a yarn stash!



How did this happen?  First I joined a group and we were going to knit and crochet for the homeless and other charities.  So of course a bunch of yarn was donated and I picked out a couple or few skeins to take home.

Then I went to Joanne’s and picked out a couple or few more skeins.  Um, they were having a sale.

Then I went to Hancock Fabrics, they were having a sale too……., and picked out a couple or few more skeins.

Then I went to Walmart and saw they had a couple or three of fun colors for reasonable and picked out a couple or few more skeins.

Then I went to the thrift store and somebody had donated a bunch of yarn, still with the wrappers on them, never touched, pretty colors so I picked out a couple or few skeins.

Yikes, now I have a “stash” and the terrible itch to “pick out a couple or few more skeins”!  And I haven’t even been in a real yarn shop yet, help!

The worse part is I am still a beginning knitter.  I haven’t learned to crochet yet at all.  All I have progressed to is making ten inch squares for blankets.  That is like a skein a month is all I need…..

Sigh.  I’ll never use the stash up.  Hey, isn’t that the point of a yarn stash?





Phobia is an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. Phobias vary in severity from mild anxiety to total and disabling panic.

The ladies in our knit and crochet for charity group are wondering why I have only progressed to very simple purl and knit patterns.

I suffer from the very dreaded Decreaseophobia – Fear of learning to decrease in knitting.

My friend knitted this hat for me and I can only be astonished at the brave decrease to make the crown on the hat!

Here are a few other phobias that I am also grateful I do not suffer from.

  • Ablutophobia- Fear of washing or bathing.  Actually those around me are grateful.
  • Consecotaleophobia- Fear of chopsticks.  Being Asian this would have really sucked!
  • Knitagoraphobia: Fear of knitting in front of others
  • Crochetagoraphobia:  Fear of crocheting in front of others

My phobia is very mild and my sister stitchers are working hard to encourage me to learn to decrease.  My goal?  I will knit a hat before winter 2015!

Thrift Store Rescue


As Queen of the Design Feature I have many responsibilities.

Two of which are:

  • I must be responsible and thrifty.
  • I must not let my yarn get tangled.

I responsibly and thriftily (Not an easy word to read, is it?) went to the thrift store to find something that would keep my yarn from tangling and rescued this bright and cheerful bag.

Not as cute as one of those special yarn bowls but it also only cost me $1.50.  Just ran it through the washer and it was ready to go to work.



How am I doing? Queen of the Design Feature!


The most recent get together our knitting and crochet for homeless and other charities group had was another success.

The weather was great so the kids wanted to play outside.  This took the pressure off of me trying to keep up with them so I actually did some knitting!

Nancy got me started with the casting on.  I asked her how she knew how long of a tail to start with and she gave me a wicked smile and told me that it was a guess….

She made the mistake of complimenting me on my tension and even stitches.  Well I got cocky and made a whole row mistake   Didn’t even catch it .  Nancy diplomatically pointed it out and I asked her if I needed to start over.  She gave me an impish (I think she might have leprechaun in her) smile and said “Heck no, that’s called a design feature and will make your piece unique!”

Bless her heart.  I now have a new mission, to be “Queen of the Design Feature”!


Thrift Store Rescue


My sister used to collect butterflies.  This bag caught my eye when I stopped at the thrift store to look for knitting needles for our knit for charity group.  Instant smile!  Ran it through the washer and I am going to use it to cart my lunch to work every day.  Hey my sister used to frequent thrift stores too.  She would be happy with this find.


Found some perfectly good knitting needles too!  Yippee!

Storms a Coming, Hats and Scarves for Homeless and Other Projects

Colorado has been having a very very cold winter.  The shelters have sent out a plea for more hats and scarves for the homeless. The Simpson group, although many are beginners, have completed a few projects and are working hard on getting more done to beat the cold weather.


image  image

We plan to get together twice a month so the more experienced crafters can help the beginners complete their projects or answer questions.

image       image

One of the group has finished these lovely soft hats. These are for people who’ve lost their hair due to the chemotherapy treatments.

These hats are going to be appreciated on those tender heads during this next snowstorm.