Lesson from my dogs, even if its tough….

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My dogs have been working hard with me and trying to teach me to have a better daily outlook.  Their lesson:  Live in the moment.  Don’t live in the past, don’t live in the future, live in the moment.  Even if its tough.  They remind me that’s what Kelly would want me to do.  That was how he lived each day, each moment in the moment.


Dogs Confess and Today’s Lesson

The new tenants in the house next-door have children.

I caught them teasing my dogs.

One of their toys, a large red and green rubber ball, made it over my really high fence and into my yard.  My dogs quickly shredded it into small pieces! They immediately confessed to me what they had done and that they had found the act of shredding and destroying very satisfying.

Dogs live in the moment and although they were feeling guilty briefly they were back to their happy selves almost immediately.

They are constantly giving me lessons today’s lesson was live in the moment don’t dwell on mistakes you may have made.