Today’s Haiku, The Maze Continued

Refuge Maze
Refuge Maze


Trapped again.

Where to turn?


Resolved to flow with the unknown.

  • running and running
  • cold racing water rising
  • falling into fear




Today’s Haiku, The Maze Continued, Part Five

Refuge Maze
Refuge Maze


Something has changed.

Anxiety changes to doubt.

Hallways are no longer dangerous.

The wind, still screaming, somehow smells fresh and is invigorating.

Terror subsides to doubt.

The familiar voice calms you:

  • walk into the wind
  • be brave and trust the future
  • be stronger than doubt



Today’s Haiku, The Maze Continued, Part Four

Refuge Maze
Refuge Maze


Anxiety fills your chest.

Racing down unfamiliar hallways your instinct tells you to find the familiar but your fear leads you down dangerous pathways.

Is this a nightmare?  You scream in an attempt to wake yourself up.  The wind screams back pushing you further into the unknown.

Overwhelming terror.  You are truly lost.

The familiar voice reaches out to you:

  • do not trust your fears
  • you must fight or you are lost
  • you are not helpless



Today’s Haiku, The Maze Continued, Part Three


Refuge Maze
Refuge Maze

The building that was once your refuge now terrifies you.  The wind that rushes through its corridors is the breath of the building itself and pushes you toward something unknown, heedless of your needs.  With each step new hallways appear until you have lost your way.  No longer familiar and safe your refuge has become a monster.

Are you alone?

The familiar voice speaks to you:

  • Can you trust yourself?
  • Listen to the wind, your heart.
  • You can trust yourself.



Today’s Haiku, The Maze Continued, part two


Refuge Maze
Refuge Maze

The nightmare continues.

The building that at first felt safe is larger with every turn. Now a menacing presence that surrounds you.

A sense of despair overcoming the feeling of being hopelessly lost.

The once kind voice now filled with pity:

  • this was your refuge
  • you have become truly lost
  • you have lost yourself

The Maze part one



Today’s Haiku, The Maze


Refuge Maze
Refuge Maze

A nightmare. You are in a building that at first you feel safe in. Suddenly unknown corridors and rooms appear.  Every turn creates new choices, your racing mind asks: “Is this the right path?”  You can’t find your way out.

A kind voice:

  • this was your refuge
  • but have you been betrayed?
  • your journey begins