Honda Gold Wing Chapter E New Member Casey Strickland


Casey Strickland is Chapter E’s newest member joining in March 2014.  He is a real sweetie (I think GWRRA members can be sweeties).

Chapter E is in Region F which comprises the Southwestern United States Gold Wing Road Riders Association’s Districts and includes the Districts of California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico & Hawaii.

Casey has been riding since he was about 9, he started on dirt bikes and at about 14 he graduated to a street bike.

Casey has a second home in Central City (in the mountains a short distance from Denver).  He enjoyed his Gold Wing (and Colorado’s great mountain scenery) this summer with trips to Central City and touring the roads you find winding through the mountains of Colorado.

He also took a longer road trip to Albuquerque.  Plenty of storage here for his gear.


When I asked Casey about the bling I have noticed on other Gold Wings, and taking particular note that Casey’s Gold Wing was pretty stock, he told me he didn’t think he was going to add much bling to his Gold Wing.  I think this might be his age here (being one of the younger members of the club if not the youngest) he is still in his reserved stage.


But I do note that Casey was not yet wearing one of the club vests, for which “bling” is a definite necessity.  Will have to keep an eye on Casey and see what happens here….

I understand that “Pins Patches and Little Dangly Things” are a must for any respectable GWRRA vest!

Good luck Casey I am really looking forward to following the bling added to your Gold Wing and vest!






Today’s Muse 3


Muse:  A source of inspiration and a guiding spirit.


Today’s Muse is the view from my office window.


I often forget to enjoy and appreciate the simple things I experience almost daily. Enjoying this view throughout the day as the sun hits the mountains at different angles and through the changing seasons is a wonderful thing.

My hero and today’s Muse.