Today’s Muse


Muse:  A source of inspiration and a guiding spirit.

Today’s Muse is Madeline who I met at the pet food store (just one of many I frequent).

An adorable young lady who informed me that her t-shirt was a triple hand me down and showed me the worn spots and holes.

When I wondered if my dogs would like a goat dog kibble she ran to the back room and found a sample for them to try (it was pretty goaty stinky but after a few sniffs they gobbled it right down).

She also made sure I got my cash discount and reminded the owner of the store to figure out a good discount for my huge purchase of over 100 lbs of dog food and several bags of parrot food.

This young lady had me smiling the whole time I shopped and I realized that she made my day a better day with her bubbly personality.  Madeline inspired me to be more friendly and helpful and to pay attention to those around me!

My Hero and Today’s Muse, Madeline.



Today’s Muse, Molly and the Cough Drop Diet

Muse:  A source of inspiration and a guiding spirit.

Today’s Muse is my friend Molly.


You can find us sketching together if we are doing something with her brother Dante and her parents.

She sometimes borrows my sketchbook so I can have some of her artwork with mine.

With my lymphedema and having to  wear a compression glove on my drawing hand I’ve had to learn a new way of sketching and Molly has encouraged me to work on it again.

Today she gave me another inspiration for trying to lose a little weight! She told me she had only a cough drop for breakfast. I asked her if that’s how come she was so skinny and she said yes! Yay the cough drop for breakfast diet.

I’ll keep you posted on our sketching and if the cough drop diet really works.  The only problem is is we both like hamburgers, onion rings and french fries too.   I don’t know if we can stick with the cough drop diet…

Today’s Muse – Labyrinth



Muse: A source of inspiration and a guiding spirit.

Today’s muse is the labyrinth I walk.


My labyrinth is located on top of a hill.  The scenery is breath taking.



The path leading to the labyrinth had moss growing on it today which will disappear when summer replaces spring.  There are also some very small plants which will will be allowed to grow if they are not weeds.


The labyrinth starts and ends here.  A labyrinth is similar to a maze.   The labyrinth’s path however is a clear path.   There is only one way to it’s center.

A time for reflection and a walking meditation.


I always start the journey with no clear intention.  I allow my thoughts to travel where they need to travel.   Today I stopped several times to appreciate small spring flowers.


And some tenacious moss growing on the path.


Different rocks catch my attention and allow me to focus and calm my spirit.


When you reach the center there are wooden chairs to sit on.  Parts of huge logs.


Contemplate your journey and when your spirit is refreshed reverse your travels back to the beginning.

My hero and Today’s Muse, a Labyrinth.





Today’s Muse


Muse: A source of inspiration and a guiding spirit.

Today’s muse is the older man standing in line in front of me at the grocery store and wherever his thoughts were taking him.  With a look of annoyance he was rearranging the magazines.

Here is my story:

Wilbur let the frown take over as he straightened out the magazine rack.  The customers before him obviously didn’t have any respect for something they weren’t going to buy. Magazines in the wrong slots. Magazines shoved in slots sideways and bent. Sheesh.

When him and Sammy read the comic magazines at the Super Drug they respected the opportunity to read for free and Sammy especially loved to organize and straighten the comics in the rack after the other kids scrambled it.  Wilbur especially loved Sammy, his little brother and best friend.

Mr. Albert, the pharmacist, sometimes gave Sammy a dog eared comic or two as “payment” for keeping the rack organized.  Wilbur smiled as he straighted out the last People magazine and slid it into its slot.

My hero and today’s muse, Wilbur and his brother Sammy.

Today’s Muse Erica


Muse: A source of inspiration and a guiding spirit.

Today’s muse is Erica.   She was my donor technician today for my blood donation.

A cheerful and bubbly young woman. We got to talking about her art work.  Such a positive spirit practicing and selling her art, sketching, drawing, painting, knitting and crocheting, to name a few!

She was so positive that I overcame my fear of  showing my practice sketches to anyone but my fellow bloggers.  I showed her my mini sketchbook that I carry with me all the time.

She was truly was excited for me as she noted the progress of my earlier sketches to my more recent sketches. We talked about the need to continue practicing. She told me not to take any art classes yet but to let my natural abilities develop a bit more.

Erica gave me a many ideas on ways to branch out in my sketching.

Not only that but the stick sshe gave me at the beginning of my donation was not even felt!  A gentle soul!

My hero and today’s Muse, Erica.




Today’s Muse and a Haiku for Mother and Daughter


Muse:  A source of inspiration and a guiding spirit.

Today’s Muse is a Mother and Daughter I happened to sketch at the pub the other night.  Daughter brought her lap top and was on it the whole night.  Never said a word to Mother.  Mother talked to Father, who was sitting across from her, all night and never said a word to Daughter.  Neither looked very happy.  Neither looked at the other.

I was sad.  My mother was sometimes like a sister.  My sister was sometimes like my mother.

  • Each with empty heart
  • Both wish they could be sisters
  • They remain alone

Here are more patrons of the pub.  I am finally getting the courage to add a bit of shadowing!


Today’s Muse

Muse:  A source of inspiration and a guiding spirit.

Today’s Muse has blown into my life unexpectedly.

Her path is in some ways very similar to mine.

She meets every challenge with a positive attitude and her optimism is encouraging me to be a stronger person.

I am lucky to have several adopted sisters who are strong ladies and provide me with strength when I need it.

May I be there for them if any should become discouraged and provide them with the inspiration they have all shared with me.

Thank you to my hero and Today’s Muse who reminded me how lucky I am.  I have a great adopted family of support.

Today’s Muse, Singing in the Choir


Muse:  A source of inspiration and a guiding spirit.

Today’s Muse is the Choir

A few years ago I joined the choir at church.  I had never really sung publicly before and couldn’t read music.  They were looking for people who wanted to make a joyful noise!

What is a choir?  Just a group of singers?

A choir speaks to you through a song.  But it is more than that, it is a pouring out of stories, dreams and hopes.

Listening to another choir member during a solo makes my heart soar. Performing a solo in a choir is not a lonely thing.  It is an amazing experience as the entire choir supports you, sharing and experiencing the singing of the story and message.

The choir is not just a group of singers but is a group that has become one.



Today’s Muse, Yoga in the Sanctuary




Muse:  A source of inspiration and a guiding spirit.

Our Yoga group practices in the small sanctuary of Simpson UMC.

The stained glass windows and shoji screens make for a serene setting for our practice.

Today’s Muse is our practice last night.

Our group  was small, very calm and meditative.

I lead the group so I don’t participate in Savasana by laying down in corpse pose but remain seated, holding the energy of the room, guiding the energy toward restoration and relaxation.

Last night at the end of Savasana I asked the group to release from the pose, wiggling fingers and toes, taking deep breaths, etc.

No one moved….. the room had fallen asleep!

Earlier today I realized that I really did a poor job of holding the energy in the room. Rather than restore and relax I let the room fall into a deep slumber, so deep they didn’t hear the chimes, didn’t notice the music ended and didn’t hear me trying to rouse them.

Just now I realized that we all achieved an amazing goal and left our practice totally relaxed and restored.  Poor job?  I have let it go.




Today’s Muse


Muse:  A source of inspiration and a guiding spirit.

Today’s Muse is John Marks who I met at the Cherry Blossom Festival.

John described himself as an expert  loiterer.  He loves hanging out at festivals and gatherings and meeting new people.

I could not believe it when John told me he was a happy 85 years young!

I am looking forward to hearing more of John’s adventures, we talked for almost 4 hours and it seemed like just a few minutes….

One of the most important things John and I discussed were things that made him so active and healthy at 85 years young.

Having a good attitude about all things in life.

Such as he feels it is important to see all people as equals.  The people in the crowd we were part of were all horizontal not vertical.  Everyone was equal and no person was above or below another.  With that attitude, among many other wonderful traits he exhibits, that is how he made it to a happy 85 years young!

My Hero and Today’s Muse, John Marks.