Nasty is the New Brilliant. Nasty Mom and Homemade Dog Food!



Our Mom is Nasty Brilliant in the best way you can imagine.

She makes about one-half of our food from scratch, the rest is high quality kibble.

Here is a free range chicken she put in the pressure cooker for 1.5 hours until the bones were soft enough to break with her fingers, this way we can get the bones and the marrow with her not worrying about choking or bone splinters.

Sometimes we get grass fed beef or wild caught salmon.  This batch she added some canned mackerel for stinkiness 🙂


Then she adds blended veggies and fruits (here is a organic spinach mix with organic carrots, organic apples and organic frozen strawberries).

Often we get the fruit of the season.  We loved peach season that just passed, yummy!

Finally she adds some cooked grains like oatmeal, quinoa, buckwheat, barley, and some other ancient grains which she rotates.

Nasty is the New Brilliant and our Nasty Brilliant Mom is totally cool.  We intend “Nasty” as a compliment because our Nasty Brilliant Mom is just a tough, feisty and determined cook! (And we eat better than she does every day!)