Make My Day, Orchids That Keep On Blooming!


This lovely orchid is somehow surviving my my house.

It is bumped daily by large dogs barking at the mailman and any other intruder in the yard.  It also is regularly NOT watered.  I do remember to give it a special orchid only food about twice a year and water it about 3 times a month.

I got this from my choir buddies when my husband died a couple of years ago and this is the third or fourth time it has bloomed.  I think just in time for


Hey one of my orchids bloomed!


I have four orchid plants.  All of them received as gifts.  I would never buy myself something so fragile!

Somehow they have all survived my orchid ignorance and random watering schedule.  This especially hardy one did not realize how abused it was and bloomed for Easter!

What a lovely surprise.  These blossoms also reminded me to live in the moment and enjoy the beauty around me.

Thank you brave little orchid!