October is My Birthday Month! And Birthday Haiku.

October is my birthday month.  Since I am a rescue  Mom does not have an exact date.  I get treats and toys all month.  Well this is true of months that aren’t even my birthday month.

I am one year old now and today is my last day of puppy food.  Mom has been mixing it with big boy food and it is almost gone.

My birthday Haiku.

  • I am a big boy
  • so why am I still crated
  • when Mom is at work?




Make My Day, Mom Always Shares!


Henry here with an update on learning how to control humans (in a good and gentle way because they are pretty fragile).

Being a puppy is complicated.  Mom shares a lot because we are “rescued doggies”.

She  received this “gift card” from our human brother for something called Mother’s Day. Our human brother told us about Mother’s Day, and on that day we decided  it wasn’t about her, it was about us (Roscoe, Monty and me-Henry) because she is our her mother, right?

Mom loves bacon guacamole cheeseburgers from this place.  But…….this place also carries a frozen treat for doggies called Pawbenders!

Frozen plain custard (no sugar), dog biscuits and some kind of peanut butter “caramel” sauce (no sugar).

Mom used her Mother’s Day gift card and shared with us, buying these yummy treats. Today was hot enough that we got to enjoy them. We are big so we ate them fast, in about 10 minutes,  but enjoyed every minute as only a doggy can!

Thanks to our human brother, and Mom sharing, we had a Make My Day experience!

Today’s Adventure!

Henry at Vet

Hi I’m Henry, the newest guest blogger here on Sanseilife.

Yikes! What a day.  Here I am waiting for my Well Puppy exam.  I am scared.  Although the people are nice, the place smells like other scared dogs and cats.


The vet gave my Mom my exam for free since I’m adopted!

All my parts are where they’re supposed to be and doing what they should be doing.   Everyone was appropriately impressed with my cuteness.

That shot today in my butt sure tuckered me out!


Welcome Henry Formerly Known as Sam!


Found Henry!  The ladies in the dog rescue group are used to seeing me every Saturday checking out the puppies.  This Saturday they made sure I checked out their sweetest puppy.  When they told me his rescue name was Sam it was an instant connection.

Henry’s mother was found extremely pregnant in Tijuana Mexico.  The day after she arrived in Colorado she gave birth to nine puppies but was so starved two did not survive.

Henry is a German Shepherd Boxer mix.   They are sure his mom was a Boxer and his other features are German Shepherd.  Half of his siblings had a different father and had short wirey coats.


Henry lounging on his new bed at the pet store.


Henry tuckered out after shopping for his stuff and surprises for his new brothers.

And the instant connection to th name Sam?  My brother’s name is Sam, I briefly thought maybe my brother could change his name but he has had it for almost 60 years….  So Sam the dog is now known as Henry.

Rescuing Henry


Still looking at rescue puppies for my next puppy Henry.

The puppies this week were older and broke my heart that they were homeless.  I need to keep strong and find the right fit for Roscoe and Monty.


All of the foster homes are wonderful.  One of the foster mothers has a reputation for delivering well behaved and calm dogs.  This was one of the puppies she fostered and he was so well behaved!

Roscoe and Monty

We know Mom will bring home the perfect brother for us so we are waiting patiently.

Rescuing Henry


Still looking at rescue puppies, my next puppy will be named Henry.

So many cute puppies needing forever homes.


They all tuckered out pretty fast, so young and overwhelmed by too much attention.



Some people liked the skinny ones with long legs and short fur.

img_2976I came back to this puppy several times.  A real people puppy who loved to cuddle.


He really bonded with this woman and she with him! He was happy to cuddle and lick her chin.  She could hardly let go of him long enough for her roommate to cuddle him.

He was definitely a German Shepherd mix and she asked me many questions about the three German Shepherds I have had.  I was honest and told her they are smart, need jobs and attention, lots of training, will get huge, etc.  The more we talked the more I knew she was up to the challenge and intrigued.

They were perfect for each other!

My Henry is still waiting for me to find him🙂

Thrift Store Rescue and Little Free Library


One of my favorite things to rescue from the thrift store is cookbooks. I read them like other people read books but I don’t ever cook anything out of them. I have quite a stack of books.

Matthew over at his little free library gave me the idea of putting some cookbooks into the little free library in the parking lot at my work. Cookbooks are popular reads in their library.  Mathew’s Little Free Library


Bon Appetit!