Jason at 2017 Hina Matsuri Festival

Jason 2017
Jason 2017

Meet Jason.  We worked the doll room together at our Hina Matsuri Festival.

Jason knows more about the dolls than almost anybody at our church. Here he is entertaining some people describing a life-size Samurai armor replica.

Jason outgrew his boy’s kimono he wore last year but I include it here because it is amazing.  A gift from his Aunt and Uncle who live in Japan.

A formal Kimono, not for casual wear.  A real family heirloom that he can pass down to his son one day along with his knowledge of Japanese dolls.

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Jason the Awesome Doll Interpreter at the 2016 Hina Matsuri Festival

Jason worked both Saturday and Sunday as a doll interpreter in the doll room at our annual Hina Matsuri Festival.

He actually didn’t finish his homework Saturday night but his mom realized that we really needed his help and allowed him to come back to teach the public about the main doll display Sunday.

He is now our expert on the traditional girl’s Hina Matsuri seven tier doll display.

Next year his mom is going to help us with finding facts about the history of the samurai armor, weapons and protective clothing.



Hope you can join us next year for our 49th Annual Hina Matsuri Festival celebration.  Dolls, Japanese food, Ikebana, Bonsai, Tea Ceremony, Martial Arts, Japanese music on traditional instruments, dance, and Taiko drumming just to name a bit of the program.

And Jason and I should have some interesting stuff to share with you!

Otafuko-San and the Samarai

Otafuko-San and the Samurai are spirits that live in my house. They inhabit these small toys. They were very happy when we rescued this bonsai jade tree. They often meet below the tree and exchange haiku.

the breeze is gentle

and soothes the lonely spirits

until the jade tree