Sketching with Jane and Wine



Sketching at Silver Vines Winery with my friend Jane who has had lessons.  Here is a sketch she drew of me.    She was way too kind.


Here is one I did of Jane.   Yikes!  Trying to figure out glasses and eyes……  Hey I was in a dark wine bar…….😕🍷 and drinking wine…………


Here are sketches we did of the same woman.


And of the same man.  Jane gave him a smile.  I drew it as I saw it (no smile).  Jane is really sweet.


And one I did of a guy sitting at the bar.  With a broccoli ear.  Well that’s how it looked in the dark wine bar…

Jane will be able to help me with shading and a ton of other stuff.  Maybe being kinder and sweet.

We both are learning to be quick.

I tend to pick a distinctive feature to start with.  Jane uses her lessons and works on proportions and detail.

I thought that maybe I need to take lessons but Jane said to let my skills develop a little bit before I take lessons and worry about things like proportions and detail later. Isn’t she sweet?




Today’s Extreme Dessert


My daughter Haley and I stopped in for a glass of wine at this wonderful winery in Arvada, Colorado.  We tried several different wines passing glasses back and forth 🙂

Silver Vines Winery

imageNot only was the staff extremely friendly, the other patrons were chatty and helpful.  We had a blast.

Brothers Jeff and Daniel Chayer are the owners.  Jeff is the winemaker and Daniel is the general manager.

They know their business and who their customers are:


Who doesn’t love chocolate and red wine?  Put them together and the brothers Chayer have a winner!

Today’s Extreme Dessert?  The Chocolate Delight which was delightfully yummy combining these two favorites, chocolate and Zinfandel.


Check out their wine club, an awesome value, I’m going to be able pick up my wine in person, yay just down the street!

Wine Club