Love Colorado Golf and Contributing to Charity?

Golf Tournament

Join us at the beautiful Indian Tree Golf Course in Arvada, Colorado for a day of golfing and awesome scenery.  And, best of all?  Your participation will help us replace the furnace at Simpson United Methodist Church.

Simpson United Methodist Church
Simpson United Methodist Church

2015-11-15 Messages Received from Sermon by Tezenlo Thong “Lessons from Hannah, Our Mother of Faith”

“Lessons from Hannah, Our Mother of Faith”

(1 Samuel 1:4-20; 1 Samuel 2:1-10)

Messages Received:

  • Find God’s message in your heart
  • Share God with others
  • Rejoice in answered prayers
  • Prayer is how you live your life
  • The God in us. to share is goodness
  • We should pray not only for ourselves but for those in our lives and those in need.
  • Pray without ceasing
  • Shocking statistic about our Veterans, there are more death by suicide than deaths in war – combat
  • Shocking statistic about U.S. prisons, we have the largest prisons in all the world, mostly populated by minorities, with the prisoners feeling no future and no hope


2015-11-15 Sermon by Tezenlo Thong “Lessons from Hannah, Our Mother of Faith”

“Lessons from Hannah, Our Mother of Faith”

(1 Samuel 1:4-20; 1 Samuel 2:1-10)

Today’s lection is the last of three weeks that focuses on women at the margin of society. Like Ruth last Sunday, Hannah is a woman who was marginalized and discriminated for reason beyond her control. She was barren or childless, and it was a shame for a woman not to bear a child. In the Bible, God is said to be one who opened and closed the womb, and there is no biblical story about an infertile man. So like many cultures, barrenness is considered a woman’s problem, not a man’s. Barrenness or infertility is thus construed as a divine hand or curse. Now, having a son would validate Hannah and restore her status in society.

In many male-dominated cultures, having no children, especially male children, was a sign of failure in life. It is seen as lack of a future because the “bloodline” is continued through the male child. Walter Brueggemann in The Prophetic Imagination says that barrenness is a metaphorical reference to “a loss of a future and therefore to hopelessness.” He says that “the notion of barrenness may be taken as a condition of despair in our society.” Indeed, it could be taken as a condition of our churches today. Many churches lament that they don’t have young people, youth and children. These are our future who have vanished and have very little or no interest in church. Where then is the future of the church? Hannah’s barrenness, wilderness, emptiness or insecurity of the future is perhaps a reflection of the state of the church today.

Also think of so many people who experience a deep sense of the lack of a future ahead of them. They see no way forward. Think of the veterans who suffer mental problem with no hope for future. Think of undocumented aliens who face deportation and separation from their loved ones any moment. They may be working hard, but their future is grim and uncertain. But the good news is that God “opened” Hannah’s womb and she gave birth to a son who became one of the greatest prophets. The church is called to be hope for the hopeless, to hold out hope and make a way for those who see no way.

Tezenlo Thong, Pastor
Simpson United Methodist Church

2015-11-1 Sermon “You Are the Church”, Tezenlo Thong


You Are the Church

Acts 2:42-47

What image or memory does the word “church” evoke in your mind? I’m sure there is a whole array of things like friendship, love, meals, music, messages, prayers, mission, etc. But that’s not all. You might also think of other things like, anger, bitterness, frustration, conflict, etc. Perhaps, the one thing that resonates best with church is a building with a cross. For most people, the church is a building, a place we go to on Sundays. But is that truly the case? The church equals a building with a cross?

If we were to transport the first century Christians and take them into a modern church with lights, music and everything therein, I don’t believe they will ask, “Is this a church?” Or “This feels like a church. This must be a church, is it?” Instead, with utter confusion, they will surely ask, “What is this?” Because today’s church is not what they called church in the beginning.

The church has evolved over centuries. In the beginning, the church or Christianity was simply a way of life. There were no creeds or doctrines, no denominations or fancy buildings. It was a lifestyle, not an organized religion as we know today. In fact, the early Christians were called people of the Way (Acts 9:2). Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” Therefore, his followers were appropriately called people of the way.

Once a way of life, Christianity became an institution, eventually becoming a corporation or an enterprise. When we think of a church, our minds are so fixated on a building. However, the church is not a building. It is the people, who strive to live according to the teachings of Jesus. The church is a fellowship of believers striving to love, serve and make a difference in the world. Acts chapter two provides us with a good description of what the church was and ought to be.


Tezenlo Thong, Pastor
Simpson United Methodist Church

Scarves and hats for the homeless, knitting and crochet group Feb 2015


The second meeting of the Scarves and Hats for the Homeless, Knitting and Crochet Group took place February 15th.  Once again the children were the fastest learners and had the best tension control.

The group discussed other projects such as:

  • Having a ton of fun!
  • Prayer afghans where the members would each knit or crochet 8″ squares to be joined together for special prayer blankets.
  • Knitted and crocheted stuffed animals for children.
  • Holiday gifts for those in need of cheer.
  • Sweaters for rescue dogs at a Jefferson County shelter.
  • Mittens.
  • Fun personal projects that the more experienced will help the newbies with such as shawls, purses, other items.

If you would like to join us at Simpson United Methodist Church in Arvada, Colorado the group is a community group for anyone interested and we hope to meet about every other week.  Send me a comment and I will make sure you get a contact.

Here are some of the personal projects the more experienced ladies have been working on:


Gotta hurry before the baby grows anymore!


Warmest mittens ever!


Felted purses too cool!


Much needed sweaters for rescue dogs.


We’d love to have your ideas, company and help!