Today’s Muse and a Haiku for Mother and Daughter


Muse:  A source of inspiration and a guiding spirit.

Today’s Muse is a Mother and Daughter I happened to sketch at the pub the other night.  Daughter brought her lap top and was on it the whole night.  Never said a word to Mother.  Mother talked to Father, who was sitting across from her, all night and never said a word to Daughter.  Neither looked very happy.  Neither looked at the other.

I was sad.  My mother was sometimes like a sister.  My sister was sometimes like my mother.

  • Each with empty heart
  • Both wish they could be sisters
  • They remain alone

Here are more patrons of the pub.  I am finally getting the courage to add a bit of shadowing!



Sketching with Jane and Wine



Sketching at Silver Vines Winery with my friend Jane who has had lessons.  Here is a sketch she drew of me.    She was way too kind.


Here is one I did of Jane.   Yikes!  Trying to figure out glasses and eyes……  Hey I was in a dark wine bar…….😕🍷 and drinking wine…………


Here are sketches we did of the same woman.


And of the same man.  Jane gave him a smile.  I drew it as I saw it (no smile).  Jane is really sweet.


And one I did of a guy sitting at the bar.  With a broccoli ear.  Well that’s how it looked in the dark wine bar…

Jane will be able to help me with shading and a ton of other stuff.  Maybe being kinder and sweet.

We both are learning to be quick.

I tend to pick a distinctive feature to start with.  Jane uses her lessons and works on proportions and detail.

I thought that maybe I need to take lessons but Jane said to let my skills develop a little bit before I take lessons and worry about things like proportions and detail later. Isn’t she sweet?