Sketching with Jane and Wine



Sketching at Silver Vines Winery with my friend Jane who has had lessons.  Here is a sketch she drew of me.    She was way too kind.


Here is one I did of Jane.   Yikes!  Trying to figure out glasses and eyes……  Hey I was in a dark wine bar…….😕🍷 and drinking wine…………


Here are sketches we did of the same woman.


And of the same man.  Jane gave him a smile.  I drew it as I saw it (no smile).  Jane is really sweet.


And one I did of a guy sitting at the bar.  With a broccoli ear.  Well that’s how it looked in the dark wine bar…

Jane will be able to help me with shading and a ton of other stuff.  Maybe being kinder and sweet.

We both are learning to be quick.

I tend to pick a distinctive feature to start with.  Jane uses her lessons and works on proportions and detail.

I thought that maybe I need to take lessons but Jane said to let my skills develop a little bit before I take lessons and worry about things like proportions and detail later. Isn’t she sweet?




Argentine Tango


Romantic Argentine Tango.

The gentleman does not speak to the lady but catches her eyes from across the room.

With the lifting of his eyebrows and a nod towards the dance floor he asks her if she cares to dance.

With a confident smile and a graceful nod of her head she indicates yes.


They dance the close embrace.

Heart to heart.


Sketching Levon at the Pub Rickoli’s

imageA great model.  Levon the chihuahua sat for me at one of my favorite pubs Saturday.  I hadn’t used a dog model before and wondered why he looked so human in the upper right hand sketch.  Yikes!  I gave him eyebrows!  Practice practice practice and don’t improvise….

He was enjoying the pub with his favorite person Mary Alice and his friend Scott.  Mary Alice rescued him after discovering that she is not only a cat person but a dog person too.  Both of his humans were very nice so I didn’t sketch them.  😏


This young man with the beanie thought I was taking notes.
imageThis young girl was a teenager but her eyes made her look older for some reason.  She was an only child playing board games with her folks.  Hanging out with adults makes you wiser and maybe that shows in the eyes…


Sketching at Lunch and Meet Carol


I have put a small sketch book in my purse to encourage myself to start drawing.

I was having a quick lunch.  I had just ordered and had a few minutes, hum what to do?

“I am having lunch with Carol, she is going to bring you something this afternoon!”  The gentleman at the next table was speaking loudly into his phone.  I glanced over and was struck by Carol’s expressive eyes.

Out came the sketch book!

Who were they?  I think they were brother and sister. Frank and Carol.  A Christmas Eve lunch date, Frank needed to get back to work but Carol was going to visit their Mom.

Every year, on Christmas Eve, they would give their Mom three poinsettia plants. One red, one white and one pink.

One for each of the three kids.  The tradition continued even after they lost their older sister to a car accident.

Most times Carol’s eyes are sad. Her baby brother Frank is the only one that can bring a smile to her face that reaches her eyes!


Duma Key by Stephen King


Just finished reading Duma Key by Stephen King.

I love reading Mr. King, he always tickles that sometimes dark place in my mind.  You know the place, where your imagination runs wild?  I don’t go into the basement when reading a King novel!

Well this particular book tickled my sketching bone which was only born earlier this year.

If you’ve read the book you know why I was compelled to draw young versions of Mr. King.




This is how the main character started his journey, drawing!  Wish me luck😕✏️