Pet Portraits at Paint N Sip

Barkley’s Mom and my Mom spent the evening painting their favorite boys!

Bright acrylic paints that Auntie Jane went crazy with!

Too fun!  These paints are forgiving and even Mom felt comfortable using them.

Henry Paint N Sip

She picked this picture of me experiencing my first snow storm.  Yikes what a day that was!

Henry and snow

I love snow now!


Today’s Haiku – Teddy Guest Blogger


Hi, my name is Teddy.

I am a guest blogger here on sanseilife.

I am alone in this Jeep in Arvada, Colorado and one of the things I do to amuse myself is write Haiku.

Here is one on the our first snow fall last night:


  • Indian Summer
  • battle with Winter
  • Winter won last night



Tahini Hot Chocolate


I bought some tahini paste a while back convinced I was going to learn to make hummus from scratch.  Four months later I found this in my cupboard and almost couldn’t remember what it was!

I realized I was never going to make hummus from scratch so I searched the Internet for other tahini recipes. I found a really complicated one for hot chocolate from scratch that needed 10 ingredients!  I decided that wasn’t for me but it sounded so yummy….



My lightning quick thinking brain cells helped my lazy brain cells devise a way to make tahini hot chocolate without having to go to the work with 10 different ingredients. Tahini is slightly bitter so if you like a dark chocolate flavor it’s perfect, if not just use less tahini.  It creates a very rich and yummy drink.


Perfect for the snowstorm we just got here in Colorado and to fortify me for some shoveling!