Thanks Sam for replenishing my Skyline Chile stash!

imageIt’s true, I have a Skyline Chile stash.

Been addicted for a couple of decades now.


Thank goodness my brother replenishes my supplies!

And it came with a huge mug, they have the best dishesūüėÉ



My Daughter’s Secret Sample Stash


Alex has a “Sample Stash”. ¬†She has been saving all her samples from her yarn adventures since she started crocheting, so at least for the last 15 years. ¬†She even saves the instructions and ties them on¬†to¬†the samples.

After hearing about our knitting and crocheting for charity group and the quilting ladies that also have been doing fidget quilts for the memory impaired she realized that her “Sample Stash” was the perfect donation of dangly things to attach to the fidget quilts and the twiddlemuffs for memory impaired.


For some reason she made these tiny hats and scarves for the wee folk, the elves, leprechauns and faeries.  She is part Irish and part Gypsy so I think it is some kind of warding off the evil thing.


Thank you for donating your memories Alex, it will be a meaningful addition to the fidget quilts and twiddlemuffs and make them very special.

Love You!

Take That! To the Kind and Helpful Brandy at the Yarn Shop!




So when my step-daughter Alex was visiting me last week we hung out for awhileat the Recycled Lamb Yarn Shop.

A delightful staff person, Brandy, was helping us with questions and just in general being friendly.  Alex and Brandy were talking about their yarn stashes.

Alex looked pensively at me, I had just the night before, in secret, showed her my alarming yarn stash. ¬†As someone new to knitting I thought it was huge, it fits in one small paper box……

Alex immediately told Brandy about my stash and its size, Brandy looked me right in the eyes and said “How cute!” and burst out laughing.

Well check this out Brandy, I doubled my yarn stash in one purchase, here is what I picked up today!  Now I will need two small paper boxes for my stash!


Yarn Stash Fairy!


I’ve been advised by another blogger that yarn stashes are caused by Yarn Stash Fairies.

What a relief to know I do not have a serious addiction!

Unlike some fairies Yarn Stash Fairies carry no malice.

They are romantic creatures that want you to enjoy texture and color.

So next time you have an uncontrollable desire to pull into the parking lot of that new yarn shop do not despair, it’s not an addiction, it’s the Yarn Stash Fairies trying to release your creative talents!


Yikes! I have a yarn stash!



How did this happen?  First I joined a group and we were going to knit and crochet for the homeless and other charities.  So of course a bunch of yarn was donated and I picked out a couple or few skeins to take home.

Then I went to Joanne’s and picked out a couple or few more skeins. ¬†Um, they were having a sale.

Then I went to Hancock Fabrics, they were having a sale too……., and picked out a couple or few more skeins.

Then I went to Walmart and saw they had a couple or three of fun colors for reasonable and picked out a couple or few more skeins.

Then I went to the thrift store and somebody had donated a bunch of yarn, still with the wrappers on them, never touched, pretty colors so I picked out a couple or few skeins.

Yikes, now I have a “stash” and the terrible itch to “pick out a couple or few more skeins”! ¬†And I haven’t even been in a real yarn shop yet, help!

The worse part is I am still a beginning knitter. ¬†I haven’t learned to crochet yet at all. ¬†All I have progressed to is making ten inch squares for blankets. ¬†That is like a skein a month is all I need…..

Sigh. ¬†I’ll never use the stash up. ¬†Hey, isn’t that the point of a yarn stash?