On Writing, Stephen King


The best part of the Writers’ Cruise was the surprise guest speaker, Stephen King.

The next best part of the cruise was the Class 4 hurricane that veered unexpectedly into our path.

Thank you Mother Nature!

The crew members herded the passengers toward the life boats.  Almost all of us had worked ourselves into some level of hysteria over what was to come.  Writers and their imaginations!

Stephen King was standing calmly, watching the chaos of Hurricane Edwin unfold around him.  I was sure the irony of his middle name, Edwin, being the Hurricane’s last name was stimulating his imagination.

He caught my stare and smiled.  As a crew member directed him past me toward one of the life boats he casually reached out to grasp my elbow suddenly including me in his entourage.

Little did I know that my ultimate fantasy was about to come true, being stranded on a desert island with Stephen King!

Duma Key by Stephen King


Just finished reading Duma Key by Stephen King.

I love reading Mr. King, he always tickles that sometimes dark place in my mind.  You know the place, where your imagination runs wild?  I don’t go into the basement when reading a King novel!

Well this particular book tickled my sketching bone which was only born earlier this year.

If you’ve read the book you know why I was compelled to draw young versions of Mr. King.




This is how the main character started his journey, drawing!  Wish me luck😕✏️






Stephen King Thrift Store Rescue and Mystery Photograph



I love to rescue random things from the Thrift Store.

I love reading Stephen King.

Somehow I missed reading this novel “Under the Dome”.  I have discovered it was also made into a tv series.

When I saw it at the Thrift Store, no brainer, rescue it and when I finish reading it I’m putting it in the Little Free Library aka Book Exchange at the end of the parking lot at work.

When I got home I found this picture tucked inside the book.


A real mystery, nothing written on the back.  A mystery picture inside a Stephen King book deserves a story, don’t you think?

Meet Mark and Julia, happy here but will that last?

Mark cannot resist buying anything with an “M” on it, hence the green cap from Michigan State University.  He someday hopes to go to Michigan State, Montana State, well you get the picture.

Mark does not understand the allure of a good mystery, horror or fantasy novel.  He loves autobiographies followed by biographies.  Before Julia met Mark she read all of Stephen King’s books.

After she met Mark she took up making jewelry, specifically necklaces.  She made the necklaces worn in the picture.

Mark loves to run and he takes his dad’s German Shepherd Max for a run almost every day.  The morning this picture was taken a hooligan squirrel chattered at Max from a tree and Max  instinctively ran in front of Mark tripping him up with the leash. The emergency room visit revealed no broken bones but a badly sprained wrist from throwing his arm out to break his fall.  The sling  is just to keep that wrist quiet for a few days.

Mark and Julia had a huge misunderstanding which led to mutual agreement to give their relationship a break.  One of the first things Julia did was to purchase the latest Stephen King novel, one she was dying to read “Under the Dome”.  One of the heroines in the book is named Julia and she was intrigued.

This picture was pinned to the cork board in her hallway, a place where she could see it every day, but now she removed the picture to use as a bookmark….


Mark has called Julia and invited her to lunch. He mentioned that during their break he got hooked on this series on television called Under the Dome which is based on a book by Stephen King.  Isn’t that the guy Julia used to read all the time?  He thought perhaps, as a shared and bonding activity, they could read Stephen King novels together.   As Julia was racing out of the house to meet Mark she tucked the book Under the Dome in her bag along with the matching his and her necklaces she had just finished making.