Suiseki Display From The Hina Matsuri Festival

Suiseki Matsutake Button
Suiseki Matsutake Button


The art of stone appreciation.  The stones are naturally occurring, shaped by time and nature.  Representing everyday things we should be thankful for, amazing creations of water and wind.

Suiseki can be many things so let your mind appreciate what you may find.

It could be a plant like the Matsutake mushroom above.

Suiseki Sheep and Paradise
Suiseki Sheep and Paradise

A miniature landscape?  Waterfall, mountain or forest?

Your brother’s smiling face or a cat or dog from your childhood?

The cabin your family used to rent or the sunset you would all enjoy from its porch?

A drop of water on a pond, a blizzard of snowflakes, a volcano erupting?

A miracle of nature creating a masterpiece, taking its time, maybe centuries, to bring us peace and and serenity for as long as we care to gaze.