“The Enigma”, Favorite Artist from the 2015 Colorado Tattoo Convention


My favorite artist from the Tattoo Convention was The Enigma.

He has awesome energy, is friendly and fun, and his tattoos and body modifications are truly amazing.  He is one giant jigsaw puzzle!

His vibe is a kind soul.


The Enigma is not just a canvas for artwork, he is a talented artist, musician, and actor.

He moved to Denver last year and one of his first appearances was reading to the children at our local Mutiny Information Cafe.

You may recall seeing him in 1995 The X-Files Episode “Humbug” where he played The Conundrum.

I also picked up Volume #2 of his comic book series.



Check him out at http://www.showdevils.com/home.html

Although I went for the Rock’a’billy live music it wasn’t playing while I was there, but I did get to meet The Enigma!



Looking for something new to do in Denver?


My daughter and son-in-law have moved to Colorado.  She is in to tattoos and he loves motorcycles and cars.  I wanted to surprise them with something fun this weekend and look what is happening in Denver!

Okay, they also have live music and they got me on the Rock’a’billy.