Kyle meets The Flash, page four.


Barry Allen aka The Flash kept me on my ass, his piercing gaze daring me to move.

To proud to look away I met his stare and fell into the mystery realm, Calalus.  A castle on a hill.

In a dizzy “Where’s Waldo” moment I realized there were three flying machines hidden in my vision….

And the Silverbell artifacts? I needed to see these in person. Discovered in 1924, right here in Arizona…, pictures drawn by some wannabe sanseilife archeologist artist would not suffice.


Might I be destined to save the universe?  I would need help and I knew there was help in Calalus.

Still on my ass I realized I was headed for a great adventure.

Kyle, page one

Kyle, page two

Kyle, page three


Kyle meets The Flash, page three.

imageI’m not gonna lie to you.  When I shook Barry Allen’s hand not only did I have an overwhelming terrifying feeling but I also had a feeling of invincibility.

I felt like something really important was happening.  Then I saw myself through Barry Allen’s eyes.  Yikes!

I was the superhero of my dreams!   Every boy’s imagination of saving the world….but mine seemed to becoming true.

Still on my ass, I looked at myself through Barry’s eyes, or was he The Flash?

A cape, the symbol on my chest was a blur but somewhere in my mind I knew what it was.

Swooning like a schoolgirl the Silverbell artifacts intruded on my adventure.

Back to reality.   Was I destined to save the universe?

And Calalus?   That mysterious land, it was important to me and Barry Allen and The Flash.

I decided to stay in my ass for a while.


Kyle meets The Flash, page two.


When I shook Barry Allen’s hand that terrifying feeling of premonition once again came over me and a vision flashed through my mind before I could catch it.

That was when, for the second time today, I found myself on my ass.

Barry Allen had brought up the Silverbell artifacts.  Those were real artifacts dug up Tucson in 1924.

OK then, I felt a little better. The Silverbell artifacts are a real collection from an archeological dig.  Barry Allen had to be real police detective.  He was not The Flash.

But why did shaking his hand put me on my ass?

Why did he mention Calalus?  An unknown land thought to be a medievil Roman colony, the location of which has never been found…. much like mystical Atlantis.

The most alarming thing was his statement that the universe was relying on me.

I decided to stay in my ass for a while.


Kyle meets The Flash, page one.


It all started with the package from my mother-in-law.

As I dumped the contents out of the padded envelope I smiled.  There was a Superman button, a couple of Batman buttons, a Batman and Robin button and last but not least The Flash button.

That’s when my life changed.   Just like some comic book character I watched myself pick up The Flash button.  A premonition of a bigger future knocked me on my ass.  As quick as that, the vision was gone but I was still on my ass.

Why me you ask? I was just a mining engineer who was late for work.

An engineer can only do the logical thing, so I left for work.

My tailbone was still singing as I ran into the office. The drive in to work had only made my butt sore.  The anxiety of my premonition was escalating and a certainty my life was going to be changing soon was exciting.

There sitting at my desk was my boss. One strange guy, John Kelly, who I swear is part gypsy and part leprechaun.

“Hey Kyle, there’s someone I want you to meet, Barry Allen a forensic scientist on loan to Tucson PD from Central City, Colorado.  You give him whatever help he needs.”

I followed Kelly down the hall the the conference room, my mind jumping from one thought to the next:  “Barry Allen!?!  Aka The Flash!?!  Superhero who had died saving the universe and rumor had it returned to save mankind again.” The engineer in me knew Barry Allen is a comic book character but my earlier premonition gave the adventurer in me doubt.

As Barry Allen stood to greet me I watched his tall frame unfold.  I am over 6 feet tall myself but this guy dwarfed me.  With a firm handshake he regarded me like we were sharing some secret.   “Kyle, the universe is relying on you.  What do you know about the Silverbell artifacts discovered here in Tucson in 1924? And what you know about Calalus?”

For the second time that day I found myself on my ass.