The Dream Maker, Part One


Mary Lou loved working with clay.  She fully intended to start on that teapot Dennis was begging for.  Alone in the usually busy studio she sang out loud and reached for the lump of clay.

Her stomach was growling and her hands were screaming.  She was exhausted and one of those bullying migraines was dancing around, trying to find its way into her head and threatening to take over her life.

She looked down at the piece she had created and realized that several hours had passed.  The migraine, her empty stomach and her hands were forgotten.

This was not a teapot, she had made a tube of some kind.  It was something she recognized from the edge of her memory, from her dreams.  The wood block she had used to make impressions on the tube was not something she recognized.  She had seen similar blocks used by fabric artists, lovingly hand carved and used to create amazing designs.

A small pile of clay balls was piled next to the tube.  Each ball was wrapped twice in some delicate tissue paper.  So that was what she had made!

One end of the tube was already sealed.   Her breath entered the tube with a soft “haaaaaa”.  Counting as she dropped each ball into the open end, nine, her lucky number.

With another whispered “haaaaaa” she sealed the tube with a disc of clay.  Several small holes were added to each end to allow moisture to escape the tube as it baked in the kiln.  The tube joined other pieces waiting to be bisque fired, looking ordinary in their company.

Cleaning up her space her thoughts were interrupted by her stomach.  She would figure this all out after some sushi and a nap.

May Lou laughed to herself when she realized that Dennis wasn’t getting that teapot anytime soon.

The Year of the Fire Monkey or Red Monkey 1956 and 2016


The year of the Fire Monkey occurs every 60 years, the last time was in 1956.  This year is a Fire Monkey year running from February 8, 2016 to January 27, 2017.

The year of the Monkey occurs every 12 years.  Other Monkey years are Metal, Water, Wood and Earth.

I was born in the year of the Fire Monkey in 1956 along with Tom Hanks and Carrie Fisher.  Other famous people born in the year of the Fire Monkey are David Copperfield, Chris Isaak and Ann Curry.

Monkeys are known as:  Ambitious, adventurous, clever and lucky.  The outgoing nature of the Monkey makes them great performers.  Monkeys have quick confident responses to anything they face.  This coupled with their intelligence make them helpful allies in solving problems.

Although I may never win an Oscar, play the role of a Princess, make the Statue of Liberty disappear, write a Top Ten song, or win an award for my journalism, I realize my true honor is to be in the company of these very impressive Fire Monkeys.

The Fire Monkey is the most passionate and energetic of the Monkeys.  Fire Monkeys tend to be adventurous and risk-takers (this explains my bungee jump).

Fire Monkeys love to be the center of attention (this explains my need to blog).

It is expected that there will be a baby boom in China this year as many parents will want to have a child born in the year of the Fire Monkey giving their child a successful, lucky and happy long life.

Sketching at Lunch and Meet Carol


I have put a small sketch book in my purse to encourage myself to start drawing.

I was having a quick lunch.  I had just ordered and had a few minutes, hum what to do?

“I am having lunch with Carol, she is going to bring you something this afternoon!”  The gentleman at the next table was speaking loudly into his phone.  I glanced over and was struck by Carol’s expressive eyes.

Out came the sketch book!

Who were they?  I think they were brother and sister. Frank and Carol.  A Christmas Eve lunch date, Frank needed to get back to work but Carol was going to visit their Mom.

Every year, on Christmas Eve, they would give their Mom three poinsettia plants. One red, one white and one pink.

One for each of the three kids.  The tradition continued even after they lost their older sister to a car accident.

Most times Carol’s eyes are sad. Her baby brother Frank is the only one that can bring a smile to her face that reaches her eyes!


On Writing, Stephen King


The best part of the Writers’ Cruise was the surprise guest speaker, Stephen King.

The next best part of the cruise was the Class 4 hurricane that veered unexpectedly into our path.

Thank you Mother Nature!

The crew members herded the passengers toward the life boats.  Almost all of us had worked ourselves into some level of hysteria over what was to come.  Writers and their imaginations!

Stephen King was standing calmly, watching the chaos of Hurricane Edwin unfold around him.  I was sure the irony of his middle name, Edwin, being the Hurricane’s last name was stimulating his imagination.

He caught my stare and smiled.  As a crew member directed him past me toward one of the life boats he casually reached out to grasp my elbow suddenly including me in his entourage.

Little did I know that my ultimate fantasy was about to come true, being stranded on a desert island with Stephen King!

Duma Key by Stephen King


Just finished reading Duma Key by Stephen King.

I love reading Mr. King, he always tickles that sometimes dark place in my mind.  You know the place, where your imagination runs wild?  I don’t go into the basement when reading a King novel!

Well this particular book tickled my sketching bone which was only born earlier this year.

If you’ve read the book you know why I was compelled to draw young versions of Mr. King.




This is how the main character started his journey, drawing!  Wish me luck😕✏️






Mystery Selfie and Donating Blood at the Lafayette Peach Festival

imageI received this selfie  last night and I have no clue who these people are.  I don’t know any of the people that were copied on it.

They look so happy I decided they needed a story.

Meet Andrea Anderson, Andrea Breeze, and Josh Banter.

They’ve known each other since first grade. They grew up in the small town of Lafayette Colorado, a suburb of Denver.   There was only one elementary school and their class was so small they went to first through six grade with the same kids each year.   The teachers always sat their students in alphabetical order, three kids to a long desk.   It was always Andrea, Josh, and Andrea at the first desk.   They became best friends.

The little town of Lafayette where they grew up had its first peach festival in 1999. Andrea, Andrea and Josh have been going to the peach festival every year since then.   It was a place their folks let them go when they were kids without supervision.

They still pig out on peach smoothies, peach cobbler, peach pie, and the newest addition peach pizza.

There are tons of vendors there and every year Andrea Anderson buys a new ring, Andrea Breeze buys a new necklace,  and Josh gets a barbecue turkey leg.

Even though the temperature this year was in the 90s, Josh was wearing his signature T-shirt and long sleeves.  His secret is that he’s got some tatoos he wishes he could get rid of it. He has one right at the base of his throat and many on each arm so he always wears a T-shirt and a long sleeve shirt.

One other thing they always do? They always donate blood at the mobile blood van.

image Here is the inside of the van waiting for a donation couch.

Well what do you think?  Should I send them a link to this blog post and see who they really are?

Pam and the Gift of Romaine Lettuce


“Yes!” Pam thought to herself, there was only one person in the 15 items or less line at the grocery store and he looked like he was almost done.

She placed her few items on the checkout belt and started what turned out to be an excruciatingly long wait.  First the gentlemen got in a long conversation with the checker about one of the last items rung up, the price, was it rung up correctly, was he charged for the correct item, etc.  Yikes!

Pam felt someone getting in line behind her and wondered if she should tell them to consider another line but was distracted as she watched the guy drag a checkbook out of his back pocket.  Mesmerized she watched as he slowly filled out the check, mouthing each entry as he wrote the date, store name, amount and his name.  Pam could actually feel the anxiety of the person behind her roll over her toward the front of the line.

Pam glanced behind her and saw and very pleasant looking woman who under any other circumstances would look, well – very pleasant, but was somehow looking exasperated.  All the poor woman wanted was to buy her romaine lettuce and be on her way.  Pam thought about letting her in line in front of her but had a much better idea.

She finally got to the front of the line and quietly asked the checker to add the romaine lettuce to her bill.  She answered his puzzled look explaining that she felt the woman behind her needed something to smile about so please don’t say anything until she was well away from the checkout area.

Janet could not believe she forgot to pick up the lettuce she absolutely needed for her luncheon today.  What should have been a quick stop at the store was not and she felt a bad mood rolling off her towards the guy at the front of the line who was causing the delay, chatting to the clerk and taking his time writing a check.

Janet dragged her wallet out of her purse as she finally got to the front of the line. The clerk told her with a big smile that the lady in front of her paid for her lettuce and had said she hoped it would bring her a smile.  Gosh, she could not even remember what that woman looked like she was so focused on Mr. Slowpoke.

Janet was going to be late for the luncheon but the kindness of that stranger had lifted her mood and she was just going to be late, la-tee-da.  As she walked to her car she noticed an elderly woman struggling with a shopping cart that had suddenly gone rogue on her.  Oh well, late is late, what is a couple more minutes? She helped the grateful women push the cart to her car, unloaded her groceries into her trunk and delivered the cart to the cart corral humming to herself the whole time.

Doris could not believe that the cart would suddenly not move and she was in the middle of the parking lot!  Oh dear, she had run over something which was now wedged in the wheel.  She felt one of her headaches starting as she struggled with the cart.  A pleasant looking woman, who was actually humming and swinging a bag of lettuce, offered to help her get the cart to her car.  She actually loaded her groceries into her car and took the evil cart to the cart corral.

As Doris climbed into her car she realized that headache was gone and that she was humming that pleasant woman’s song.  She was still humming when she got home and as she got off the elevator she thought about the new neighbor who had moved into the apartment across from her.

What was her name again?  Pam?  Doris had bought a huge bouquet of flowers and decided she would make a small bouquet for her new neighbor.  She left the flowers anonymously in front of Pam’s door as a surprise and welcome to the building.

And it really started with romaine lettuce….. 🙂



Guest Blog Post Monty, My Human Brother’s Sock


Hi my name is Monty and I am a regular guest blogger here on sanseilife.   My story today?  My human brother’s sock.

I have three brothers. Rommy, Roscoe and the human aka Treat Master.

imageTreat Master visited recently and I found a sock he left behind!   There is a reason it looks like this and it’s because I’ve been carrying it around for days.

He doesn’t come often enough and he doesn’t stay long enough when he does come, I miss him terribly.

I think mom misses him too so when she saw me carrying around his sock she let me keep it because I wasn’t chewing it up. I think she understands that his scent is like perfume to my brain and it’s a wonderful wonderful feeling, almost like having him here with me!

I am hoping for Treat Master to come soon for  another visit. I know he’ll be especially pleased I didn’t chew up his sock!



Guest Blog Post Monty, My Human Brother


Hi my name is Monty and I am a regular guest blogger here on sanseilife.   My story today?  My human brother.

I have three brothers. Rommy, Roscoe and the human.

We can’t remember his human name but we call him Treat Master because he’s the only one of the four of us that can open this container:


He is also the only of my brothers that will cuddle me and let me snuggle. He likes naps almost as much as I do.

When mom says “What are you boys up to?” he’s included in the pack!