Thank you Alex, Knit and Crochet for Charity update.


Thank you Alex for sending these awesome squares for the prayer blankets.

These patterns are amazing!


Our church is collecting 10 inch squares from knitters and crocheters to sew into prayer blankets.  We are thrilled to have some travel all the way from Arizona to add to our collection!



Update on Knitting for Charity


These are my first mittens!  They are a lot smaller than they look, for a first grader’s itty bitty hands.

I am also making a matching scarf.  This is also my first scarf.

They will be given to a grade school child (I am sure a girl because of the bright pink!) at one of the two schools our church knitting and crocheting group is making mittens and scarves for disadvantaged children.

This project is rewarding.  Another blogger told me that to receive something someone put time and effort into was a huge gift emotionally.  Next up are some boys’ mittens in an appropriate boy color.

I am leaving the little strings for my teacher to make sure I finished properly and that these mittens don’t unravel away….

Finally a Real Knitting Project

Mitten 1

So after months and months of practicing knitting squares, trying to learn stitches and get some tension control, I am finally starting a real project.

Our knit and crochet for charity group is making mittens for underprivileged children at two elementary schools.  I am making mittens with a matching scarf.

I am also learning how to knit in the round, yay – no seam to sew!

Can’t tell how my tension is because I have only done a few rows:)

I’ll let you know if I can figure out the pattern when I get to the thumb, sigh.

Anyway, wish me luck……

Charity Knitting, Crochet and Sewing at Simpson United Methodist Church Update


October 4, 2015 Paster Tezenlo Thong blessed the projects of the charity knitting, crochet and sewing group.


The group has been busy, hats for chemotherapy patients, mittens for local elementary school children, squares for prayer blankets, more hats and scarves for Denver’s homeless community, small socks for preemies and tons more.


The group has also been blessed with many donations.  Including some ladies who actually donated part or all of their stashes!  Giving up part of your stash is giving up something you discovered in your travels so it is not only a selfless donation but it is sharing memories that travel with the stash.  Those ladies who gave up part or all of their stashes are real heroes, generous of heart and deed.


After the blessing we took some of the finished projects to a local yarn shop, Knit Knack located in our own down town Arvada.  Knit Knack works closely with a group called Knitting4Peace and gratefully accepted the donations.  The owner of the shop also gave us all discounts towards purchases for future projects.  Thank you Gerri Bragdon!

My Daughter’s Secret Sample Stash


Alex has a “Sample Stash”.  She has been saving all her samples from her yarn adventures since she started crocheting, so at least for the last 15 years.  She even saves the instructions and ties them on to the samples.

After hearing about our knitting and crocheting for charity group and the quilting ladies that also have been doing fidget quilts for the memory impaired she realized that her “Sample Stash” was the perfect donation of dangly things to attach to the fidget quilts and the twiddlemuffs for memory impaired.


For some reason she made these tiny hats and scarves for the wee folk, the elves, leprechauns and faeries.  She is part Irish and part Gypsy so I think it is some kind of warding off the evil thing.


Thank you for donating your memories Alex, it will be a meaningful addition to the fidget quilts and twiddlemuffs and make them very special.

Love You!

Knooking a Doctor Who Scarf

imageA project by my step daughter! She doesn’t know how to knit but she loves crochet and she found this way to make a knitted scarf with a crochet hook it’s called knooking.


She carefully matched on the colors from the original Doctor Who scarf and is working on it as a gift for her husband.   They live in Arizona but he comes back to Colorado to play in the snow with his folks so he’ll get good use out of it.

But her evil stepmother (me tee-hee) got her interested in knitting and look what she did today!



Take That! To the Kind and Helpful Brandy at the Yarn Shop!




So when my step-daughter Alex was visiting me last week we hung out for awhileat the Recycled Lamb Yarn Shop.

A delightful staff person, Brandy, was helping us with questions and just in general being friendly.  Alex and Brandy were talking about their yarn stashes.

Alex looked pensively at me, I had just the night before, in secret, showed her my alarming yarn stash.  As someone new to knitting I thought it was huge, it fits in one small paper box……

Alex immediately told Brandy about my stash and its size, Brandy looked me right in the eyes and said “How cute!” and burst out laughing.

Well check this out Brandy, I doubled my yarn stash in one purchase, here is what I picked up today!  Now I will need two small paper boxes for my stash!


Getting Past Knit and Purl


In an effort to move forward with my knitting I bought this fun calendar from a local yarn shop, “the recycled lamb”.

What an adorable shop and a great group of knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers and other needlework fanciers!

I dropped in at their monthly Knit Knite night and it was a packed house.  The event is free and designed to share projects different members of the group are working on.  They were so kind to this new knitter and were very helpful, friendly and encouraging.  They gave me the courage to get past just knit and purl.


Yikes, I didn’t even know what I was reading here.  It looks like a foreign language to me.  Find an easier page.

Take a deep breath and do a search on YouTube for knit Cross 2 Back (C2B) and knit Cross 2 Front (C2F).

I am working on ten inch squares for prayer blankets.  Here is my latest square.  Wish me luck!


Knitting Itty Bitty Miniscule Socks


The knitting and crochet for charity group is making these itty-bitty infant socks!


Not only are they using tiny needles and delicate yarn but they are also using four needles at one time!!


Yikes!  They are fast and their tension is perfect (have you figured out I have tension envy).

The group discussed newborn kits for those in need. Homemade socks, hats, blankets plus baby lotions, diapers and all the stuff new moms need for their new babes.



Yarn Stash Fairy!


I’ve been advised by another blogger that yarn stashes are caused by Yarn Stash Fairies.

What a relief to know I do not have a serious addiction!

Unlike some fairies Yarn Stash Fairies carry no malice.

They are romantic creatures that want you to enjoy texture and color.

So next time you have an uncontrollable desire to pull into the parking lot of that new yarn shop do not despair, it’s not an addiction, it’s the Yarn Stash Fairies trying to release your creative talents!