The Art of Letter Writing Update


I am still writing to to my friend in prison.  He is teaching me a lot about appreciating life, letting go of things I cannot change, and not forgetting things I am blessed with.

In his own words he is afraid of forgetting things we take for granted each and every day such as the taste of certain foods, smells, and relationships.  He has no choice of foods.  He misses the smell of a forest.  His incarceration has been hard on his relationships.

He is afraid of losing what is the core of his essence, his tenderness, empathy and kindness.

I continue to write to him, mostly about every day things, attempting to make him a part of my life.

I would not have been brave enough to start sketching if I didn’t know him.  He is the most talented artist I know and so I sometimes send him my sketches.  He graciously compliments my efforts and tells me to keep working on my art.

The thing I think he is worried most is his relationships, especially will we be here for him when he is released?





9 thoughts on “The Art of Letter Writing Update”

  1. I would be scared to write to a stranger who was in prison. I I knew them well that may be another story. But I realize they are people and have human needs and desires just like we all do. Very interesting read!

    1. He was an acquaintance before he got his sentence. He is not dangerous to me he just made a mistake. he is a forgotten person. I’m glad to give him some support. I try to stay consistent and that’s important.

      1. Absolutely! I can understand the reason you write, and I’m sure you are a wonderful support system for him!

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