Extreme Dessert – Mug Cakes



Cupcake sized cakes made in the microwave in one minute!

I don’t bake but these are easy.  These are also known as the 3-2-1 mug cake.


You will need one box of angel food cake mix and one box cake mix of your choice.  I tried 2 flavors, carrot cake and red  velvet.


Mix one box angel food cake and one box cake mix together in large zip lock bag, shake until well blended.


In a microwave safe mug mix three level tablespoons of your cake mix with two tablespoons of water.


Microwave on high one minute.  One mug at a time.  Let rest 15 minutes.  Cake will still be slightly warm.

Cake will easily slip out of mug with a gentle nudge with a fork.


The one on the left I used a nonstick spray in the mug.  The one on the right, no spray, and it turned out much lighter.  The nonstick spray was unnecessary.

Need a quick frosting?


Mix equal parts of cream cheese and powdered sugar and a dash of vanilla while your mug cakes are cooling.  I used a fork.


Yummy!  The texture of your mug cakes will be light like angel food cake and best eaten warm.


3 Tablespoons mix.

2 Tablespoons water.

1 Minute in microwave on high.

Fast and easy for those times you want just a little something.

But a great extreme dessert!

7 thoughts on “Extreme Dessert – Mug Cakes”

    1. Yes it is! I never want to have sweets around or I’ll eat them but if you gotta have something this is sure satisfying! Hope you are having a good day, enjoyed watching you on the treadmill, ha!

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