Thrift Store Rescue!


This cute bag was in its last week at the thrift store.  Destined to become a rag. ☹️😟

Now it has be rescued, washed and given to the newest member of our knit and crochet group to hold her latest project.

One of these hats for disadvantaged children this fall!

Welcome Karen!


11 thoughts on “Thrift Store Rescue!”

  1. Thrift shopping always seems so fun. I ache to find a great thrift store someday. Looking forward to your future posts!
    Check out my latest post?
    Mena |

  2. My sis and I both love to hit Sally Anne or Valu Village, or the SPCA thrift stores. She finds it so relaxing that she uses it as a laxative. My best find: Danier leather jacket worth $400, got for $70!

  3. My sis and I both love hitting the thrift stores (VV, the Sally Anns, or SPCA) She finds it so relaxing, it serves as a laxative. My best buy was a Danier leather jacket for $70, $400 at the store. The afterglow lasted quite awhile.

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