Origami Flower Bouquets for ICU and Infusion Center

When I asked the ladies who run the oncology infusion centers for ideas for more ways to reach their patients they both shared a wish for some help for critical patients.  These patients have been admitted to the hospital and because of compromised immune systems they cannot receive flowers!

My friend Seth is a master origami artist and volunteered to help me make these Bouquets!  The butterflies were given to me by another friend Janice.

We hope to bring a little joy!

I wish we could donate these awesome folding boxes Seth make but they take him six hours to create….



6 thoughts on “Origami Flower Bouquets for ICU and Infusion Center”

  1. Beautiful. Since no Sansei household is devoid of origami paper, I think I’ll have a go. We have a decoration of one thousand cranes from one of our many japanese students.

  2. Mom signed up my sister and me for an origami class when we were kids. I was all thumbs but thought the idea was cool and admired those who had the talent to make beautiful mini artworks.

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